Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'll be back next week. Life is a bit crazy and trying to add blogging to my schedule was making me crazy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. I am currently fighting with my allergies and unfortunately they are winning this fight.

2. I feel like I cannot catch up in life right now. There are piles of junk every where in my house and it is making me crazy, but I can't find time to do anything but make more piles.

3. Looking forward to next Monday when we will be done with baseball and maybe things will slow down some for a few weeks.

4. LOVING the weather we have right now and have had for a while. It really feels like fall and is amazing!!

5. I am starving right now. However, I have no clue what I want for lunch!

6. I loved spending time with my cousins this weekend at my sisters wedding. I love that even though there are age differences and that we live miles apart, but still have so much fun every time we are together. Dancing, drinking and talking!!!

7. Every week when writing this post I hit number 7 and can't seem to think of anything else. Maybe I should call it 6 on Tuesday. Doesn't have a very good ring to it though.

8. Dart got an award today at school. He received the "Leadership" award. So proud of him!

9. Getting excited to start watching holiday movies. I can't wait to watch "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". For me it signals the start of the holiday season and all the amazing things that come with that time of year.

10. I could really use a nap. Slowly catching up on sleep after not getting much over the weekend. Hoping with a slower night tonight I can finally get "caught up."

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday

to my curious



10 year old baby boy!

Hard to believe Dart is 10 today. So many changes in him in the last few months and so many changes in the year ahead of him. There are moments when I see a "grown-up" emerging in him and then there are moments when I realize he is still a "kid".

Happy Birthday Dart, Nanyan, D'Artanyan! We love you and are so proud of the "man" you are becoming. I couldn't ask for a better son!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Battling an earache. Started last night at baseball. UGH! Haven't had those since I was a kid and I remember crying all night because of them.

2. So happy Castle is back on tv. I have a feeling it's going to be INTENSE for a while.

3. Catching up on shows still. Finally getting around to finishing HGTV Design Star. I am surprised by the last 2, but love both of them, so I'm good with whoever ends up winning. I CAN'T wait for the new magazine.

4. I think today I figured out something that might be able to help me focus. I have this problem where I get going on one kind of project(sewing, cards, etc) and being so excited about doing it that then I don't want to work on anything else. So today I thought what if I focus on one of those things a day, say Monday being cards day. I'm going to try this for a bit and it may change some, but I'm hoping it will help me focus some!

5. Walking School Bus started this week. I love Walking School Bus. For those who don't know it's a program through Columbia's PedNet program. It encourages kids to walk to school as a healthy way to start their day. We live no where NEAR our school, in fact we are there on special permission. However, we meet in a location and several others are dropped off. Along our walk to school we pick up several more kids. We have 2 routes. I love seeing the kids so excited about walking to school and the conversations we have along the way are the best. You really get to see the kids for who they really are.

6. I have been collecting quotes like a mad woman lately. So many amazing and inspiring words out there!

7. Feel like a crazy woman this week. 2 baseball games, a PTSO meeting, a Stampede(fall carnival) meeting, go with brother to get tux and pack for going out of town. We have no night at home this week and then with my sisters wedding this weekend it's going to be crazy. Ready for baseball and Stampede to be over so I can relax.

8. Signed Dart up for Lacrosse camp. He is so excited!

9.  For some reason every Tuesday when I get ready to write this it takes me most of the day to get this post done. All week I think of things I could add to the list and then come Tuesday I forget half of it. Guess I should write them down.

10. This morning when I got to school I saw Dart(he was there early for choir) and I could tell he was upset. He had that look to him and I could see tears in his eyes. He had tried out for a solo and didn't get it. Through his tears though he said "I'm going to try again at Christmas and in the spring." I LOVE that about him. First of all he is always willing to try something new and has very little fear when it comes to it. He is always setting goals for himself, little and big. I am so proud of him for trying something like that. I would NEVER have tried out for a solo and for him to try and not get it and be ready to try again is really something I would have never done.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Am....

  • enjoying an unexpected weekend with nothing going on. We were supposed to have a car wash yesterday and baseball practice today, however thanks to Mother Nature both were canceled!
  • working on getting some digital prints done. I love them! So much fun to make and I'm having a blast searching for quotes to use.
  • gearing up for a crazy busy week. 2 baseball games, 2 school meetings, a trip to Kansas City for what will be an INSANE weekend including my sisters wedding.
  • thinking I should never admit to anyone that I am a Chiefs fan. Who in the world is out on that field in their uniforms? I think a pee wee football team could play better than them.
  • catching up on tv shows thanks to Hulu, since the new ones start soon. I can't wait for Castle to start! 
  • enjoying a Mizzou Tigers huge win, but also starting to get nervous about their game next week.
  • excited to watch 2 former Tigers on the NFL field tonight. Jeremy Maclin and Sean Weatherspoon will be playing tonight. Dart says he's cheering for the Eagles, but wants Spoon to have a good game too! Poor kid, you'd think he knew these guys personally!
  • going to enjoy this last week of both kids being in the single digits. Next Monday Dart turns 10. I can't believe it!
 I love this print/quote. I need to decide what color I want mine in! I love all the colors I have it done in. This one is available in 5x7 only.

I love this one too! I am doing one of these for Audrey and for the art teacher(who is also Audrey's best friends mom). This one is available in 2 sizes 5x7 and 8x10.

Both prints will be going in the shop this week!! So excited.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Favorite moment of the week: Lots of time at the kids school this week. Parent Connection and then helping with pictures of Friday morning. Seeing all the kids dressed up and with their hair fixed was so much fun. Also hanging out with Audrey last night after Dart and Mark were both asleep. Just sitting and talking with her for a while.

Favorite quote of the week: "Nothing rings as true as authenticity. It's impossible to please everyone and trying to do so will drive you insane and turn your work into vanilla." Elise Blaha I had a totally different quote picked out, and then tonight while I was catching up on my blogs I ran across this in a post of hers. Everytime I read her blog I feel inspired and happy. This quote spoke to me in so many ways.

Favorite find on Etsy this week:
Found in MakingsofShannaTice I need these for the cool walks to school we will have starting next week with Walking School Bus.

Favorite pin of the week:
Pin: Can't wait to make these!

Favorite thing I made this week: 

Happy Birthday Grandma! Love and miss you everyday!

September Mini Goals Update

Meant to post this yesterday and the day got away from me.

Blog 5 times a week-not doing too bad on this one. Helps that I have a calendar with what I want to blog about each day written on it. Then I'm not sitting here staring at a blank screen with my cursor blinking in my face saying "write something write something write something"

Make enough items to hold a Finally Fall Sale-Have 24 items in my shop right now and am working hard to get more done. Should be able to do this.

Read Craft Inc and start Handmade Market Place-Still reading Craft Inc. Going to probably have to hold off on Handmade Market Place because someone else has it on hold at the library so I have to take it back. Will just start a different creative book instead.

Run at least 4 times a week-FAIL!!! Allergies have knocked me down and a crazy schedule. Going to get back on track this next week.

Declutter! 5 bags worth of stuff-Haven't taken the bags out yet, but have 2 ready to go. Full of clothes that no longer fit me or I no longer care for and clothes of Audrey's too.

Back later today with my favorites for the week. Watching football and working while enjoying the smell of hamburger and veggie soup simmering on the stove!! Great fall Saturday in Columbia. Hoping the Tigers make it a perfect weekend by winning.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Parent Connection

Today was the first grade parent connection at the kids' school. I love that they do this. It is a chance for us to go in, have lunch in the classroom, look at the work they've done the first few weeks of school and then the kids head out to recces(or today it was the gym thanks to mother nature). While the kids are gone the teacher goes over the rules and expectations for the year, what they will be learning and any other important info they need to cover. This year Audrey will be getting homework! Homework was a big topic at the connection. I love Audrey's teacher, she also has 2 kids at their school and understands the struggle that is homework. I fear we will have a struggle with Audrey. Dart is great about homework. He gets his homework packet on Friday and by Saturday morning all but the reading part is done. If not he stresses until it is. He also does all the extra credit stuff. He is my over-achiever type A child! Audrey, God love her is my creative, if I feel like doing something I will child. She is smart, sometimes too smart for her own, however for her to do her work or learn something new she has to want to do it and that is the struggle. Her teacher has a daughter just like her and told me after the connection was over "If Audrey is as much like Emmy as I think she is, you will need lots and lots of wine." Audrey was not really excited about homework yesterday. I think she is warming up to the fact.

Dart will have his parent connection later this month. I'm anxious for it because it will be student led for a little bit. Their school is "A Leader in Me" school. Leader in Me is a program based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In doing this program they have begun to put the older kids in charge of the parent connection and parent/teacher conferences. The kids love it. They have also started to lead the monthly assemblies. I have seen HUGE changes in some kids. There was one young man last year who lived next to us in our old house and he was not the most pleasant person to be around. However, thanks to making him believe he truly could be a leader he grew into a very nice young man. He was always quick to volunteer to help at various events and even won an award that I'm pretty sure had it not been for the Leader in Me he would have never even been considered.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Double header in baseball last night makes for a very tired me today. Got home at 10:00, which I'm usually up after that anyway, but after sitting through 2 games, one that was very long made for a long night!

2. Working on a blog redo. Nothing major, but just a few clean up things. So if things seem a bit off here that is probably why.

3. NFL is in full swing now. Loved all the 9-11 tributes they did on Sunday. Some good games and some not so good games(Chiefs UGH!!). Love watching football with Dart. He is so fun to watch with. He takes after his mother when it comes to watching. He yells at the tv just like me. He is also quick to commentate and in the Sunday night game I'm pretty sure he was calling penalties before the flags were even thrown.

4. I was horrible about running last week. With the cooler temps came the crazy stuff in the air and so my allergies were raging. Even took a couple of naps to help with headaches! I'm hoping that while the crud is still in the air, I have the medicine stuff figured out to help.

5. I broke out my sewing machine again on Friday. It feels so good. I made Audrey a new pillowcase shirt, a couple of headbands, a dress for her doll, headbands for her doll and a purse for me. I have a few things cut and ready to sew.

6. I have a serious sharpie obsession. I use sharpies for my to do list, I love the pretty colors on my to do list. Then I discovered the sharpie pens(regular writing pens). My family is not a fan of them, which is great for me, because they don't steal my pens anymore. I also love the sharpie pencils and highlighters! Now if sharpie would just create colored pencils and crayons I would be in sharpie heaven.

7. My sister gets married in less than 2 weeks and also is closing on a house in this time. I think she's CRAZY!!

8. Dart is going to do lacrosse camp. I can't wait! I think lacrosse would be fun so I can't wait to watch him play.

9. We are going to a have a few pretty cold days later this week and I can't wait to make some soup. Audrey was not a fan of soup last year, so I'm hoping she is over that phase. Dart started asking for soup as soon as the temps went below 80. He is a soup freak and loves to help when we make soup.

10. We have a fundraiser car wash planned for Saturday and a small part of me is hoping it rains and we don't get to do it. Not that I don't want to do the fundraiser, but I would love an unexpected day at home!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fractionally Challenged!

I suck when it comes to fractions. I did good in school, math was not my favorite subject, but I still managed A's and B's, until it came to fractions. Even now Dart is better at working with fractions than I am. I'm okay with 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 when it comes to knowing which is smaller, etc. However beyond that I am seriously fractionally challenged. I have figured out when it comes to the markings on my paper trimmer what is what other than the 3 listed above.

When it comes to sewing I'm in HUGE trouble, especially when figuring out yardage for something unless I have a pattern in front of me that says this is how much you need. And if the pattern says "hem 1/2 inch" I run screaming and you can find me in a corner rocking back and forth. However, I love sewing(my mom and grandma are sitting back laughing at me right now) and let's face it fractions are a huge part of sewing. In order to keep me out of the straight jacket in a padded room I had to figure out an easier way to work with fractions. I have one of those fancy hem ruler things, but honestly it's a pain to work with since it only does a small part of the fabric. Oh and I'm not a fan of pins all over my item either, I have a tendency to forget to pull the pin out before getting to it when running it through my machine. Enter this brilliant idea I saw on Martha Stewart. I made my own with markings for my most commonly used measurements. I sew not only for Audrey, blankets, etc, but also 18 inch doll clothes. These don't all call for 1 inch hems so I needed those other things as well.

Here is my card:

A closer view so you can see the markings I did. I have measurements from 1/4 inch up to 1 1/2 inches. I figured these were the most common markings I would need.

Being the crazy person I am I used a different color for each marking as well. Made it easier on me since the lines are fairly close together.

To use I just lay my fabric down on my ironing board and then place the card down I fold the edge over and line it up with the marking I need. I start at the edge of the fabric and work my way in ironing as I go.

Last night I was able to get 4 dresses for dolls, a shirt for Audrey and a dress for Audrey ready to sew using this.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

There are certain moments for all of us that we will never forget as individuals; graduations, weddings, birth of children. And there are moments that we will never forget as a country, for my generation; the Challenger Explosion, and Oklahoma City bombing. And there are moments that we will never forget as a world. 9-11 is that moment. It is a moment that any American old enough to remember something will never forget, but it also effected the entire world. Places like Gander, Newfoundland(The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland, excellent book about the people of the town and the people who found themselves there) took in more people than the towns population and they weren't alone. With all planes grounded people found themselves in cities they never expected to to have layovers in, much less layovers of 3 days.

I will never forget the day, I remember being on my way to work when I heard news of the first tower being hit. I was on I-35 in North Kansas City. I couldn't believe someone didn't see the WTC and hit it with a plane, I mean it's not some small building in the middle of nowhere. I remember the radio station I was listening to talking about a small plane hitting the building. Then they went to a song and moments later they interrupted a song, which is very unusual on a sunny clear day in Kansas City. I couldn't imagine what was so important that they were interrupting a song. I remember the person who did the news coming on and saying "we just watched a 2nd plane slam into the other tower, this is not an accident." At the time I worked at the VFW National Headquarters. I remember trying to work and just sitting listening to the radio, no station was playing music. I remember working on some project and the radio station coming on to say the Pentagon had been hit. My boss knew people who worked at the Pentagon, someone who wrote articles for our newsletter worked at the Pentagon, and the people who ran our database weren't far from the Pentagon. Life in our office took a turn. And then later we heard the news of Flight 93 who was full of everyday heroes.

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since that day. I remember the next few days worrying that there was more to come. Our office was on the 7th floor and not far from the Downtown Kansas City airport and close enough to the main airport that we were used to seeing planes constantly flying by. Those 3 days that the air space was closed was strange. I remember when planes started flying again kind of holding our breaths every time a plane flew by. I remember watching the sporting events when they resumed and crying. Anyone who knows me knows I cry at everything, so this was no surprise and yet I was surprised at the amount of tears that flowed for normal things in sporting events.

And so I sit on the 10th anniversary of that horrible day and I remember the emotions of the day. I remember the unity that flowed from everyone every where that day. I remember the pride I felt as an American. I remember that I will Never Forget!

  This is one of my favorite images that came out of 9-11.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Has it seriously been a week already?!? I'm worn out tonight. We had 2 birthday parties to go to today and I stayed up way to late last night with the Mizzou game going until 1am my time. I'm getting old. Kids had a blast at the birthday parties though.

Moment of the week: Watching the kids at the skating rink today for 1 of the parties. I remember going skating all the time when I was younger. It was a Friday night ritual for several years. I will say a small part of me got a little worried each time they would fall. When I was in 3rd grade 1 month to the day after my dad died we were at a skating party for girl scouts. We were having a race and you had to go down and touch the wall and come back and the next person would go. Well instead of simply touching the wall I crashed into it and broke my arm. I remember feeling like my arm went through the wall. Ended up spending the night in the hospital because they had to reset my arm. I'm sure my mom loved me for making her spend a night in the hospital so soon after doing it with my dad. Although I'm not sure how worried my mom was at first because she was in line after me and when I skated back to her crying she said "go see your aunt" and skated her leg of the race. Haha! As soon as she was done we headed to the ER.

Quote of the week: Failure is Opportunity in Disguise!

Pin of the week: 

Etsy Heart of the Week: 
  Found in HairChick shop. Love how she used the buttons. 

Thing I made this week:
 I love the quote. Hope to get some printed this week and into the shop.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

At the Moment

Listening to-Castle on Hulu and the sounds of nature. Love the windows being open!

Eating-Nothing, just finished lunch though, thinking about getting a yogurt or grapes

Drinking-Water!! Glass number 3 for the day!

Wearing-Jeans, NAU t-shirt, socks. Hair in a "fun bun" as Audrey calls it.

Feeling-Good with the exception of my allergies driving me insane.

Weather-PERFECT!!! Upper 70's, slight breeze, sun out, perfect fall day!

Wanting-More time in the day. And a day at home!

Needing-More time in the day. And a day at home! Haha!

Thinking-about design ideas for Christmas cards, calligraphy, wedding invite designs, and so much more.

Enjoying-the weather, minus the stuff in the air to make my allergies go crazy.

Wondering-how long mother nature is going to bless us with this amazing weather.

These 2 card sets were listed in the Etsy store the last couple of days.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Very excited for the football game tonight!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Like most people who love to read finding time is a huge barrier in our reading life. I have to say though, over the summer the kids, especially Dart and I did lots of reading. I'm really trying hard to keep my reading streak going. Right now I've kind of shifted from books for pleasure to books about business.

The book I'm currently reading is Craft, Inc.: Turn Your Creative Hobby into a Business. So far I really love this book. I've checked it out a few times and just never got around to really diving into it like I wanted. I've learned a few things from it and have already started applying them to Pink Owl Crafts.

Others on my list of to read soon include:
Kick-Ass Creativity: An Energy Makeover for Artists, Explorers, and Creative Professionals. I had it checked out from the library and started it. About 5 pages in I realized I LOVED the book and so I decided to order it so I could highlight all the important stuff. I started Craft Inc while I waited on this to come in so as soon as I finish the other one I'm starting this book!

The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life. I've had this book for a while and recently added it to the read soon stack. I've kind of skimmed it and am excited to start it soon.

The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and On-Line. Another that I've checked out from the library a few times and never really read like I wanted to. Next time I have a break in books I am reading this one!

Any other great crafty business books or craft books I should add to my list? 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Thank you to whoever invented heated seats! Dart had choir practice early this morning and I was so glad my Jeep has heated seats. It was chilly outside this morning.

2. I am loving the weather we have right now. It can just stay like this for a while. Crisp fall like morning, 70's for the high, PERFECT!

3. Have you seen the videos on YouTube teaching you how to curl your hair with a sock? No really, you cut the toes off a sock and roll it up and then roll your hair around it to curl your hair over night. It actually works. Even on my hair, although I think next time I'm going to use a smaller sock.

4.  A friend had this posted on facebook this morning and I found myself shaking my head the entire time I read it. It's a quick read about moms weeping uncontrollably on the first day of school while others(myself included) sit back and are celebrating the fact that school has started. I love my kids dearly, but I'm not going to hide the fact that I was glad school started 2 weeks ago! Liars-All of Them!

5. After taking a few days off from Couch 2 5K I started week 2 yesterday. It was amazing running in the cool weather. I took a few days off because the heat and humidity was more than I could take. Maybe next summer I will be able to run in it, but for now, I'll take a break.

6. With the cooler temps we have I find myself wanting to cook more. I can't wait to make all the things I have pinned on my Yummy Pinterest board!

7. Roast going in the crock pot! I can't wait for dinner tonight.

8. I'm getting anxious for my shows to start back up. Especially Castle! Can't wait to see what happens.

9. Dart started choir today. I was extremely surprised when he told me he wanted to sign up. I can't wait to hear all about how practice went today.

10. Some how this day has totally gotten away from me. UGH! Oh well, grocery shopping is done for the week and we only have 1 baseball game this week. Hopefully the weekend will be slow!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer 2011 Recap

So I sit here on Labor Day recapping our summer thinking of fall. The windows are open, I have on slippers and it is a perfect 73 degrees outside. Wonder when I left Missouri! I will take this weather any day though. I'm putting all my summer decorations away today and getting out my fall. Now chances are good we will still need the air at some point before winter comes, but for now I am in heaven!!

So here's a look at our summer. I will warn you there are lots of pictures!
Shortly after school was out Audrey went to spend a week with my mom so she could attend Tigerette Mini Clinic. It's held by the high school dance team as a fundraiser. This is her 3rd year doing dance camp and she loves it.

The middle of June brought us traveling to Kansas City for a tournament. They played 3 games and lost all 3, but it was a learning experience for them. Plans are to travel a couple of times next summer.

The end of June we celebrated Audrey's 6th birthday. Hard to believe my little girl is 6 already. 6 going on 16 most days.

We had a busy 4th of July weekend. We had my cousins baby shower, celebrated my cousins little boys 1st birthday, had my parents annual 4th of July party, and squeezed in Audrey's birthday party with my family.

The week after the 4th was spent melting at baseball camp. The Krusherz hosted their first camp. 29 boys showed up in the heat and learned a lot and had fun. We even had the pleasure of having a couple of Mizzou baseball players show up 1 day to help and sign autographs. On the last day there was a home run derby in which Dart hit a couple. He is not a power hitter so he was really excited to actually hit a couple.

After a week of camp we headed to Fayette, MO for the end of the year Krusherz party. Audrey not only overcame her fear of the water this summer, but she smashed it. I couldn't believe it when she said she was going off the diving board. She climbed up once and thought it looked too deep so she just jumped in from the side. After a few times of doing that she got brave enough to try the diving board "just one time". One time turned into 100 times. Crazy to think a month before this we were pushing her to jump in at my aunts and now she's going off the diving board. Oh and on our way to Fayette we were rear ended. Made for an interesting trip! Nothing serious, in fact we aren't even getting the damage fixed as it isn't worth it.

The end of July brought sweltering heat, just in time for the Show Me State Games. It was MISERABLE! It was over 105 every day for a week. I have never been so miserable before! I was honestly glad when we were done and didn't move on to the championship round! There was one good thing that came out of this weekend. My cousin Byron and his wife Kate welcomed their first child Nicholas Blair. Blair was my dad's name and Byron was supposed to be named Blair, but my dad passed away in April and he was born in June.

The weekend after Dart played in the Show Me State Games, my brother's friends came to play in them and Dart got to play bat boy. Most of these boys have known Dart since he was born and they loved having him in the dugout with them. He had a blast hanging out with the older boys. They had fun playing catch with him and he even had a few really great stops when they were warming up.

Not to be outdone by his sister accomplishing something big in the water, Dart decided he wanted to learn to dive. Thanks to my cousin for working with him while she was 8 months pregnant. He hasn't quite mastered the dive, but he is doing really good. Hopefully he'll remember what to do come next summer.

My brother bought a mo-ped to help him get around Columbia. Dart got to ride it several times while he spent a week with my parents, so Audrey was a bit upset that she hadn't got a ride yet.

The middle of August we helped my brother move into his dorm at Mizzou! He has adjusted to college life and life in Columbia with no problems. He LOVES it here, although he is not fond of the traffic. Coming from a small city with about 20 stoplights total he's not a fan of 20 stoplights on one street. He attended his first home game over the weekend and is already counting down the days to the next one.

The 18th was the first day of 4th grade and 1st grade for Dart and Audrey. Big difference in last year for Audrey. Only a small amount of nerves this year. After the first couple of days she no longer wanted or needed Dart to walk her to her class.

On the 20th after celebrating my sisters wedding shower, my mom, the kids and I headed to Kansas for the Legends game at the T-/Bones stadium. Dart was not upset to be there even though in the picture he looks mad. He was mad I made him get his picture taken. I loved seeing some of the guys I grew up watching play for the Royals play again. Dart had a blast and is ready to attend a real major league game. On the way to the game we passed the new Sporting KC Livestrong Park. That is an amazing field. Can't wait to attend a game there.

And here we are at the un-official end of summer. Fall ball has already started. With school back in swing and plans for our fall festival at school and my sisters wedding we are staying plenty busy still.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hope this will be a regular thing here on the blog. Really trying to work on that mini goal for September. First thing though Way to go Mizzou Tigers on your win today! Not really the game I was thinking it would be, but then again it was 123 degrees on the field, so I'm guessing the guys were a little warm!

Favorite quote I found this week: "Please take Responsibility for the energy you bring into this space."

Favorite memory from the week: Audrey writing "I love Justin Bieber" on her water bottle and her brother begging her to love the Jonas Brothers instead. He even told her he would watch the Jonas Brothers movie with her if she would pick them of Justin Bieber. To say he is not a Bieber lover is a HUGE understatement.

Favorite thing I made this week:

Favorite Etsy find:
Found in this shop: DillonDesigns It's already sold, but I'm hoping it will be relisted!

Favorite Pin on Pinterest:

Friday, September 2, 2011

September Mini-Goals

I got an email today saying Etsy Holiday Boot Camp would be starting soon. I only half way participated in this last year and I really want to go full force this year. I decided I needed something to help push me along so I've come up with a few mini-goals. Some are business related and some are personal. Some will help me towards goals on my 34 before 35 list and others are things I just want to do better this month.

1. Blog 5 times a week. Lets face it, I haven't been so great about blogging and would love to blog daily, but I'm thinking that's really pushing it. Hopefully 5 times a week is a little more attainable.
2. Get enough items in my shop to hold a Fall into Fall sale. I'm wanting 50-60 items in my shop by the first day of fall so I can hold this sale.
3. Read Craft, Inc and start Handmade Marketplace.
4. Run at least 4 times a week.
5.Work on decluttering our home. We have so much stuff we are never going to use and so much that is just taking up space for no real reason other than we haven't taken the time to get rid of it. I'd love to get rid of 5 bags of stuff. Whether it go to goodwill, trash or giveaway, I want stuff gone!!

I made this banner for a cancer fundraiser silent auction. My brother is friends with the young girl who started the foundation, I-Rok. Her name is Kori and she is currently going through her 3rd bout with cancer since Dec of 2011. Her foundation is hosting a 5K, breakfast and silent auction this weekend to raise money for Children's Mercy Hospital and to kick of Children's Cancer Awareness month. If you could send good thoughts or prayers to Kori I know she and her family would appreciate them. She is a junior this year and an amazing soccer player and was really hoping for one year of just normal life.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

34 before 35 update

 I meant to get this up earlier and am just now getting around to it. I never did update in August, so some of this is for July as well.

2. Learn calligraphy. I also want to do more with my handwriting this year. I was always the girl experimenting with my handwriting. Always doodling and changing. Nothing in July, but I have 4 books checked out and am slowly teaching myself.
4. Have 100 sales in my Etsy shop. I've got 2 so far! 8 orders in July, 5 in August. Total so far 31!
6. Maintain 50 items in my Etsy shop. I have so many things I want to make and hopefully it will be hard to have 50 items in my shop all the time because hopefully things will be selling! I don't remember what I had at the end of July, but right now I have 20. I have 1 thing ready to go in as soon as I get the pictures edited and 4 more that will be ready soon.
9. Create digital cards. Think the cards you get at Christmas. Great for birth announcements, birthday invitations, Graduation open houses, wedding save the dates and more. No cards, but several other prints, that will be going in the shop soon.
11. Be proud of me. I have always had a hard time when someone tells me I create beautiful things and I'm talented. Need to learn to accept it. In July I got a major boost to my self esteem thanks to a fairly busy month business wise. In August I made the decision one evening to begin couch to 5K. I haven't got to run the last 2 days and I'm itching to get out there. It's been 100 degrees here and I just am not ready to run in that. 
12. Do more reading of creative/business books. I have a massive list of them to read. Didn't do any in July that I really remember. Now ready Craft, Inc. I've checked it out several times and am really diving in this time.
14. Drink 3 bottles of water daily. Mostly to drink less pop each day. I am a huge pop drinker and need to cut back. I didn't really do good in July, however in August especially after I started couch to 5K I have had very few pops. I did drink a bunch last weekend and I felt down for several days. Not down on myself, just blah.
16. Have 10 custom orders. I would love to have more, but I really want to make more custom items for people. Be it banners, cards or scrapbooks, bring it on. I met this goal sometime ago, but am still adding to it. 8 custom orders in July, 5 in August!!
18. Procrastinate less. I have been working hard on this. I am horrible at procrastinating and then doing everything at the last minute. Made some big strides in this during July. Still doing good through August, unless I have too much pop. Not sure what it is, but as I was typing this I got to thinking that I did have a few bad days, and realized on those days I had several pops.
27. Read 1 fun book a month. I love to read, just have a hard time making time for it. Hopefully this will force me to read more. Not sure how many I read in July, but I know I did read several. Same for August. Dart spent tons of time this summer reading and so trying to be a good influence on both kids I spent lots of time reading too. 
34. Do more to encourage Handmade Items!! I don't care if it's jewelry or cards or what, I just really want to do more to encourage buying handmade. Always working on this one whenever I get the chance. Sent several people ideas on Etsy for various things. I love supporting handmade. 

Hope everyone had a great week! For most people in the USA it will be a long weekend. We don't have much going on this weekend so I'm looking forward to it! 
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