Monday, May 31, 2010

7 Things....Summer

With today being Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer I thought I'd do a post of 7 things that make me think of summer.

1. Sunburns-which I am sporting at the moment. I helped out at Field Day at Dart's school on Friday and while I put sunscreen on my arms, I forgot my shoulders. In my defense, I had on a short sleeve shirt and while I was at field day, the sleeves made their way to being a tank top shirt. OUCH!!

2.Baseball-I love baseball. Little kids, college, major league and softball. It's all good to me if there is a ball, bases and leather gloves involved. Dart is having a blast with baseball this year and my heart just smiles every time we have a game. Even after his last game, which wasn't his best, he still came off the field smiling because despite striking out twice, he still had fun. His coach is the biggest reason for this. His coach is awesome this year.

3. Sun tea-I don't normally drink a lot of tea in the cooler months, but once it's warm enough for sun tea I am a tea drinking crazy fool. I love sun tea with a little bit of lemon squeezed in it. Sitting outside with my glass of sun tea sweating all over my hand....summer memories.

4. Clothes drying on the line-This summer I am determined to dry more of our clothes outside. Not only to save money, but there's something about clothes dried in the sun that makes me smile. I don't like the stiffness that comes with it so I do use softener. This is Audrey's shirt she made at school.

5. Grilling/fire pit-When we moved we ended up with a huge backyard and a fire pit built into the backyard. I love grilling in the summer and can seriously have dinner cooked on the grill every night. I love that we don't have to heat the house up by using the grill and food cooked on the grill seems to be healthier, even burgers.

6.Flip flops-Granted I start wearing mine before Memorial Day weekend, but rarely once Memorial Day comes do I have something on my feet other than flip flops. Audrey is quickly becoming a flip flop princess too. I love that they are cheap, come in a million colors or designs and so easy to slide on and kick off. I never wear shoes at home so flip flops make it so much easier.

7.The American Flag-Not only for Memorial Day, but the 4th of July as well. I love seeing the flag fly and just knowing what it represents. Especially this weekend, when we all need to remember why we have this 3 day weekend. Today in Columbia a soldier is being laid to rest and so this weekend seeing the flag fly has a little more meaning to me. I don't know the soldier, but just knowing someone from my town gave the ultimate sacrifice makes me feel a little more patriotic.
This flag belongs to my neighbor who at all times has 3 flying. He is a veteran and is very proud of his time serving his country.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I always feel like I'm coming here and saying "I promise to write more" and then a week goes by and nothing. Part of the struggle is my perfectionism that has me thinking I have to always write about passion or inspiration. Sometimes being type A is really annoying. I have been thinking about what I want this blog to be about a lot lately.

Lately I have been addicted to my camera and photoshop elements. Part of this comes from finally putting myself out there and preparing to start my photography business. I love taking pictures. Hate being in them, but I love being behind the camera. In taking more pictures lately I've realized that my favorites are the random, candid shots. I love capturing my kids just being themselves, doing what they are passionate about. In doing this I've realized that this blog can be about just that, life. I have another blog that I keep updated(or should say post to every other week) for my family. Mostly stuff about the kids. That blog though isn't about me and the things that make me, me. I think, wait make that know I need to have one for me that is about me. Of course my kiddos will still pop up because they are a huge part of my life, but this one will get to be my ramblings about anything and everything, but more about me and not all about them and what they are doing.

This is a long way to say, I am letting go of my perfectionism and just going to put out there whatever I want to talk about. Hopefully by doing this I will be writing more. Oh and the fact that school is almost out will help as well.

Found on Flickr

I am really looking forward to summer vacation. I know about 2 weeks into it I will be ready for school to start because I will be sick of the fighting so remind me of the previous comment when I am complaining about that. We don't have big plans for the summer and I'm actually looking forward to slowing down. This school year has been crazy hectic for us, as I'm sure they will continue to be, so I am looking forward to some serious down time. I want to spend lots of time taking pictures, creating stuff and hopefully just enjoy the kids. Soon they will be not wanting to spend time hanging out with mom so I need to enjoy this time right now.

Take some time this weekend while celebrating with friends and family to remember why we have this long weekend, those serving the USA to protect our freedom. While I don't personally know someone fighting for our country, that doesn't make me any less proud. I am amazed at what those men and women sacrifice and more importantly what their families sacrifice for them to serve.

Birthday Banner

As I'm starting to think about celebrating Audrey's 5th birthday it dawned on me I never posted the banner I made for her for her 4th birthday. Hard to believe it's been a year already.

I loved making this and am thinking I'd like to make one for the last day of school, but that's only a week away and I have a million other things to get done as well so we'll see if that happens. Maybe I'll just make it say something about summer and then it can stay up longer.

She is very girly and all about all things sparkly and pink so picking out the color was easy. On the letters I added punched butterflies that have a bit of shimmer to them.

The big owl is from Hero Arts and then I had some dollar stamps that I used to add the wand and crown to the owl.

She was so excited when she saw it hanging on the wall on her birthday. I think these are fun for all sorts of events or even to just display your child's name in their room. If interested in having one made please send me an email.

Friday, May 21, 2010


So I had great plans to start my 33 things this week, but life got hectic out of nowhere and so it didn't happen. I have decided that next week might be better. This weekend is going to be insane as it is, so I knew it might be tough to get anything up. So I will give it a go next week. Gives me more time to come up with some things to post about anyway.

How about a short list of things I love right now though:
  • Audio books-I love to read, but am finding the time to read hard to come by. I always thought I wouldn't like audio books, but after a long car ride to Michigan a couple years ago I discovered they weren't so bad. I love listening to podcasts and audio books are just like really long podcasts. There are still some books I want to actually read, but there are some that are great in audio form.
  • Dove hair care-I signed up to be an ambassador(mostly for free samples). I got a huge box a week ago full of what I thought were small the bottom though was a full size bottle of their newest conditioner. LOVE it. My hair is for the most part healthy, I don't do much to it other than wash and occasionally blow dry. This stuff is amazing though. My hair is so soft.
  • Glee-Who doesn't love Glee? The music makes me happy. Can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.
There is one thing I'm not a fan of right now and that is our weather. I feel like we moved to Seattle only without all the prettiness the Pacific Northwest has to offer. So tired of the rain. It is supposed to get sunny this weekend, however the humidity will probably kill all of us.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Make it Monday

This weekend we had 2 birthdays in one day to celebrate, one for a 6 year old girl and one for an 8 year old boy. For the boy I did a card I've done a couple of other times. However for the little girl I was excited to try something new. I had a few different ideas which can sometimes be very frustrating trying to decide what to go with. I finally decided on one and ended up being super happy with it. However, I'm not sure mom of birthday girl was going to let her have the money.

I'm hoping next week I have lots to share for Make it Monday. I need to make a few cards for different people, a card set for my Aunt and Uncle who will be celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss, and I need to get started on end of the year teachers gifts.

What are you working on this week?

Flowery Birthday Card

This past weekend we had 2 birthday parties to attend. I have recently become a fan of giving money as a gift, especially when it means I get to make cute cards like this...

The mom of the birthday girl is debating whether or not she will actually get the money! Haha! I love coming up with new ways to incorporate giving money which is becoming the go to gift for any occasion. I also love trying to figure out ways to incorporate gift cards. Makes giving those kind of boring gifts(unless you are the recipient of course) a little more exciting. If you have a gift giving occasion coming up; Father's Day, Graduation or Wedding and want something a little more fun to give money or a gift card please email me for prices. Who wouldn't love to get a card like this?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

33 Things about Me

I have a friend who is doing 30 things about her before she turns 30 on her blog. I'll have to find a link tomorrow for her blog. While some of us were helping her come up with ideas several of us decided we would play along. I'm going to do 33 things about me here on my blog and also make a mini book of my stuff. She is doing hers in the 30 days before she turns 30, however I can't promise that I will do mine in the next 33 days. We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us so I unless I get my post written ahead of time I may not post this weekend. Plus, life is getting busy for us as we wind down the school year(gotta get moving on end of the year gifts for 4 teachers) and baseball is in full swing.

For today's 33 things I am going with 33 things about me that you may or may not know:
1. I am a HUGE sports fanatic. Baseball being my all time favorite sport, but I love football, basketball, hockey, tennis and others as well.
2. I have seen every episode of Friends I have no clue how many times and still watch them over and over(I think I might do a post of my 33 favorite episodes of Friends).
3. I have lived with depression for as long as I can remember. Finally getting some help for it and it's a long road and not always fun.
4. My dad died when I was 9. I get my love of baseball from him.
5. I had a daughter pass away at almost 10 months due to a little known brain disorder called Holoprosencephaly That is an experience that I wish I could prevent from ever happening to anyone else in this world.
6. I am trying to get 2 different businesses going. Meg Duffy Photography and Pink Owl Designs
Need to redo the blog/site for Meg Duffy Photography. I love taking pictures and have for as long as I can remember. Pink Owl is handmade goods, mostly paper stuff, but I'm working on expanding my sewing skills as well.
7. When I was younger I had no interest in learning to sew and now kick myself often for not learning a long time ago.
8. I have a serious problem when it comes to organizing. I LOVE doing it and it drives me crazy when things get out of control. No one else in my house shares my love for organizing.
9. I miss my girl scout days, mostly because I miss going to Camp Mitre Peak. I loved that place.
10. I cry at tv shows, movies, or commercials almost daily. I'm serious. I have seen The Rookie I don't know how many times and still bawl like a baby in the same spots every time. TV shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition gets me every week, I've taken to watching it on the internet when no one is home to laugh at me. I'm a big softie.
11. I love music. All kinds of music. My Ipod has everything from New Kids on The Block to Frank Sinatra to Black Eyed Peas to Kenny Chesney. I cover most genres with the exception of hard core rap. I like to be able to understand and able to repeat what is being said in the song.
12. I'm trying to cut back on pop, however I have an addiction to Cherry Pepsi. Trying hard to drink more water everyday.
13. I want to run. My brother is an amazing runner and I wish I could run, not with him cause I'm pretty sure I would die.
14. I love movies. Love to watch movies over and over. Mostly chick flicks, but I also love musicals and a good action flick.
15. I am sick of rain. Okay so that one might seem a little strange to post, but seriously right now I feel like rain is a constant part of our lives and I'm sick of it.
16. I love to read. However I haven't been able to read near as much as I'd like to lately. Ready for summer to come so I can read more.
17. I have so many things I want to learn to do floating in my head that I often(several times a day) feel very overwhelmed. I have a hard time focusing. I may have another whole 33 post in the things I want to learn.
18. I am running out of things to say!!!
19. I am a list maker. I love having a list and usually have several. I love crossing things off my list as I complete them.
20. I love trying new products. I am usually one to try something new as soon as I find it. I have found some great products that way and a few that I often wonder why anyone thought it would be a good idea to make it.
21. I love Hot Tamales(the candy) and usually have a box or 2 stashed in the house.
22. I have loved stationary and pens since I was little so it was only natural that when I discovered scrapbooking and card making I would love them as well.
23. I can't imagine living without the internet. I love the things the internet offers from all the information at your finger tips to friendships I have formed with people in other states and countries and the ability to "talk" to them daily.
24. The address for our house when I was born was Route 66. I'm pretty sure that Radiator Springs(from the Disney movie Cars) was based on the town I lived in Seligman, AZ.
25. I lived in Midland, TX from Kindergarten through 7th grade. I lived there when Baby Jessica fell in the well and still remember where I was when she was finally freed from it. We were at a Girl Scout overnight and my mom brought the tv from our guest room so we could watch them pull her out as they were getting close when it was time to leave.
26. In 5th grade for one semester I had a teacher from Australia. I loved her.
27. I am not a breakfast eater. Trying to be better because I know it is so important, but I'm just not hungry in the morning.
28. I am not a girly girl. Give me a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, tennis shoes or flip flops and my hair in a pony tail any day over dressing up and fixing my hair.
29. I love Twitter. One of the greatest social media forms to come along.
30. This was a crazy weekend in Columbia, MO; graduation for the University of Missouri, the Big 12 Track and Field Championship meet(with John Anderson from ESPN in town to help announce), MU baseball at home against Nebraska and the usual weekend activities. I said tourist season ends for Columbia after this weekend. So glad to have the streets a little less congested. Just a little less.
31. I love being involved at my sons school. I will be serving as PTA Vice President next year. I am also on a few other committees and love every second of it.
32. While I'm constantly amazed at the advances in technology in my lifetime I often wonder how it feels to my grandparents. They have seen so many changes in their lives.
33. I am finally starting to feel comfortable in my own skin. I look at girls in their teens and all the drama that surrounds their lives and am so glad I am not there anymore.

Anyone else going to join me on this journey? I have a list going(surprise surprise) about the different posts I want to write. I'm thinking 33 favorite episodes of Friends, 33 things I want to learn, 33 things that have changed my life, What I would do with $33,000,000 and so many more. If you are going to join me in this little challenge please leave me a comment and a link to your blog so I can follow you in this journey.


I'm missing my sewing machine right now. Mine died before Christmas and I miss it. Next weekend I get my grandma's old machine and I can't wait. It's a Viking, just like my old one. I LOVE Viking machines, no one makes machines like Viking(and no I'm not getting paid by Viking to say that). I was never an avid seamstress like my mom or grandma, however I discovered rag quilts a few years ago and love making them. I made them this year for 3 of the 4 teachers my kids had and they were very well received.

I actually made 2 of these for teachers. Both are avid MU Tigers fans and attend games of all sorts so they will be well used.

I made this one for my sons Reading/Writing teacher. She loved all the bright colors.

If you are interested in a blanket please send me an email at to discuss your ideas and price. Price is very reasonable, but depends on the number of different fabrics you want and how big the finished blanket will be.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Make it Monday

I spent a good part of the day working on editing baseball pictures. Made me happy to see the sun in those pictures since the sun was NOT around here today at all. In fact as I type this it is POURING outside. Crazy storms all around us.

Tomorrow is Dart's student teachers' last day for this year. Miss Hassmer has worked with both of his teachers this year and will be back next year to teach 3rd grade. He is hoping he gets her for his teacher next year. I wanted to do a little something for her and decided my go to gift of late would be perfect...a set of cards. I love giving this as a gift. Who doesn't love to receive a set of cards and even better you can pass the love on. Besides we all seem to at some point need a card last minute. Here are just a few of the cards I made for her. Decided to stick to a basic design to make it easy on myself.

What is your favorite go to gift for a teacher, hair dresser, etc? What are you making this week?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all you Mom's out there are having a great day. This isn't the easiest job in the world, but it has it's rewards. I was rewarded with several homemade cards by Dart and Audrey last night. Including one that Dart made that said "Mom you are the best mom in the World. Tomorrow you can boss me around." Oh Buddy, that's my job everyday! He really thought that would be a great gift. Will have to try and get pictures of my cards later.

I remember being little and hearing mom's say "my favorite gifts are the ones my kids made." I remember thinking, "are you nuts? I want stuff." Now I am one of those mom's who loves the homemade stuff. Of course some of that comes from being a crafter, but most of it has to do with the fact that they took their time away from a video game or barbie/babies/littlest pet shop to make something special for me. And the look on their face when they give it to you is worth all the glue all over your fingers in the world.

So to the 2 who made me "mom", thank you for letting me be your mom. I have made many mistakes and will make many more. I'm sure I will get my fair share of "I don't like you's" and "You're the meanest mom in the World's", but in the end no matter what I will always love you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Make it Monday part 2

So I forgot in my last post to show you what I made this week. Saturday was National Scrapbook Day and while I didn't make any scrapbook pages I did manage to get a few cards done. Mark is in Tennessee right now so playing single parent over the weekend didn't leave me time to do much. He is stuck there for another day because of the flooding, although he is no where near Nashville, they do have to go through Nashville to get home.

I made this card for my mother in law who has a niece graduating soon. I designed this for money to go down in with the pen and pencil. Can't wait to hear how she liked it.

Just a card to have on hand. Got lots of birthdays in the month of June.

I've had several friends have babies in the last couple of months and know of others, including my cousin who are due this summer, so when I saw the 3 owls and the Look who's here sentiment it made me think baby announcements.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Make it Monday(Tuesday this week)

This week my make it Monday is going to be a little different. I do have something I made that I will show you at the end of the post, but I have found myself drawn to my camera this weekend. I'm rediscovering my passion for photography. I've always loved taking pictures, in fact if you were to look through my high school yearbooks my name is listed many times strictly for credit for the picture. There is something about looking through pictures that makes my soul smile. I love what a random picture can capture. I love taking candid shots, posing is too much work and for me loses some of the personality of a person. I love watching people interact as if the camera isn't there. That to me is when you truly capture a memory.

This is so Dart right now. If he's not playing a video game or outside he is doing something math related. He LOVES math. This is something I want to remember forever.

This picture is not at all "correct", but it has become one of my favorites. I was trying so hard to capture Dart scoring, but half the field was in the shade and the other in sunlight. I had just taken a few of the boys on base in the sun and didn't have a chance to reset my settings so this is what I ended up with. I so want to blow this up and do something fun with it for Dart's room.

I don't know if it stems from losing so many important people in my life or what, but I can't get enough of pictures. I love looking through my scrapbooks(although some of the pages make me cringe) and seeing the pictures and remembering the memories behind them. Thankfully for the invention of digital photography I can get my fill of pictures immediately.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Graduation Card

The calendar reads May 1(at least for 28 more minutes) and with that comes Graduations. These days one of the most favored gifts by grads is MONEY!! Who doesn't love to get money. Giving money can seem a little boring, so you need a card to make it fun. Designed this for my mother in law to give to a high school grad.

Since I made it for someone else I didn't get a picture of it with the money in it, but I designed it so that the money will go down in with the pen and pencil. Great way to make giving money a little more exciting.

National Scrapbook Day

Today is National Scrapbook Day! I haven't made an actual page, but have been creating some cards. Looking to open an online store soon(this week maybe), just trying to decide where. I'm also wanting to make some banners, thinking Graduation might be fun.

Just some more cards I made recently.

Just one week until Mother's Day. Also don't forget graduation season will be upon us very soon.
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