Monday, February 27, 2012


Was hoping for a better week this week, but if Monday is any indicator how this week will go I'm going back to bed and waking up next week.

Had an appt at 9, got that done and was home around 10:15ish. About 10:22 I got a phone call from school that Audrey was in the office with a 101 fever and complaining of an ear ache. Off to get her and head to the doctor. Confirmed she had an ear infection. UGH!! Hoping she will feel better for school tomorrow as she has a speaking part in the assembly and she is not happy that she might miss it. This is huge for the 1st graders as they are leading the assembly for the first time. She really wants to be able to go. At least it's just an ear infection and not something that she could share with others.

I have no menu planned yet so that post will go up later, but I did want to share Audrey's good news. Last Thursday while I was helping at school I got an email from her gymnastics coach that she is ready to move to Beginner 2. When I told her she was so excited. I pulled her aside after school and said "Audrey in March you don't get to go to Beginner 1 gymnastics anymore." At first she got a sad look on her face and then suddenly it turned into the biggest smile I have ever seen on her. She said "I get to go to Beginner 2????!!!!!" She has been practicing so hard on everything and is having so much fun. Hopefully she will feel good enough to go to gymnastics tomorrow night too.

Audrey watching craft videos on the Build a Bear app!
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