Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blogging break

Obviously I took a break. Didn't plan on it, it just kind of happened thanks to life. Between a graduation, end of school, baseball, dance camp and a tournament out of town I feel like we have been doing nothing but going going going. Oh and a little girl also turned 6 recently. This weekend is going to be another crazy weekend. We have a baby shower for my cousins wife, 2 birthday parties, one for my cousins little boy who turned 1 recently and the other for Miss Audrey, and then my parents annual 4th of July party is on Sunday. Once we come home it's going to be lots of baseball as we gear up for the Show Me State Games.

I have been busy working on pillow case shirts and dresses, subway prints, banners, and cards. I also have a blanket cut and ready to sew. I'm starting to think about Halloween designs and even dare I say Christmas stuff. Hard to believe we are reaching that point where it's time to think about those things. I plan on spending lots of time with my sewing machine soon working on doll clothes. I will admit, I'm finding it a lot harder to work with the kids at home.

I am excited for The Voice finale, but also sad it's almost over. I have never been an Idol fan, but I have really enjoyed The Voice. I want Javier to win. Although I don't get to watch tonight because we have a PTA meeting tonight. Actually we will be voting to dissolve as a PTA and become a PTSO. It's been a VERY hard year for us in regards to support from MO PTA. I'm really excited about all the things we will be able to do as a PTSO though.

Hard to believe this little girl is 6 now. She had her first major wipeout on her bike the other day. Crashed into her brother and went over the handle bars. No major injuries, just some scrapes and bruises. Her legs are covered in bug bites, bumps, scrapes and bruises. You can tell it is summer and she is living outside. She did spend most of yesterday inside not feeling well. I think she was just worn out. She and I spent the day cuddling, catching up on The Voice and reading.

Speaking of reading the kids and I all signed up for the Summer Reading program at the library. Dart has decided to start the Hardy Boys series. I didn't realize there were so many now. I finished Smokin 17 and cannot wait for 18 to come out. If you have never read any of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, run don't walk to your library to get the first. They are SO FUNNY!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Audrey found 5 minutes in her day to call and talk to me. Actually it was because of a post on facebook and her being at my grandparents for a little while that she called. I'm just thankful she loves being there so much she doesn't feel the need to call.

2. Thank you Country Time for making amazing lemonade. I have been drinking lemonade like crazy lately. Something so refreshing about a big glass of lemonade when it's a million degrees outside.

3. Went and watched one of the Krusherz mascots play tee ball last night. It was the cutest thing, I forgot how much fun tee ball is. They run everywhere, the entire team goes after the ball when it gets hit to the outfield. So much fun. Also amazing how quick they develop the skills the Krusherz boys have.

4. After a bit of a grumpy evening yesterday for no real reason I sat down to catch up on blogs and was reading through all my damnyouautocorrect posts. I was instantly happy again. That site cracks me up. I have to be careful when I read it though or Dart is wondering what's so funny and lets be honest most of those are not appropriate for a 9 year old boy.

5. So sleepy today. I could really use a nap before baseball practice.

6. I just leaned back in my chair and was reminded yet again that my heavy winter vest is still there. I'm pretty sure it would be safe to put it away now.

7. I'm counting down the days until Cars 2 comes out. I LOVE Cars.

8. Ready for the Cicada's to be gone. They are loud and annoying.

9. Finally got everything for the most part the way I want it in PSE 9. I don't know why it's always such a pain to do that. I wish they would just make it so when you upgrade it takes things from your previous version and just does them the way you had them there in the new version.

10. I recently ordered me a Square so I can accept credit cards at craft fairs and stuff. Haven't put it to use yet, and don't know when I'll be doing one soon, but at least I have it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Right Now...

I am making lists of all the things I want to declutter this summer. There will be some major decluttering going on in this house.

I am knee deep in pictures to edit and taking more everyday! It's okay though because I truly love editing pictures.

I am enjoying some time with just the boys. Audrey is gone for the week so it's the boys and me. Although I will admit it is very quiet around our house without little miss here.

I am planning on getting lots of work done this week while she's gone. Dart is happy to entertain himself and is even mostly capable of fixing his own breakfast and lunch so I'm going to take advantage of that.

I am looking forward to watching a friend's son play tee ball tonight. Seems like so long ago it was Dart playing. Can't wait to see Chase play tonight. He asked me to bring my camera so I can take lots of pictures of him just like I do the big boys. His brother Parker plays baseball on Dart's team.

I am searching for new dinner ideas. With it being so hot and Mark being in the heat most of the day he is not wanting to eat much for dinner. I need some light and easy ideas.

I am loving Blake Shelton's Honey Bee. Such a fun song.

Hope everyone has a good Monday! Busy week for us, but then again it's summer!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Slowest 4 day week ever

This has been the slowest 4 day week ever. And we have been busy so what gives??? Although I must say when I'm sleeping that time isn't going any slower. I'm ready for the kids to be out of school. I can't wait for after school tomorrow, I have their buckets ready to go and am looking forward to seeing their reactions.

Today I was at school for a good part of the morning for the assemblies. It was so fun to watch the kids really celebrate all they did this year. Can't believe I will soon have a 4th grader and a 1st grader. I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

I have lots to share soon. Right now though my pillow is calling my name.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

34 before 35 update

Hard to believe it is the 1st of a new month. Audrey will turn 6 this month and as soon as she woke up this morning she said "Mom, it's June, that means I turn 6 this month!" Silly girl!!

Here is the original list of 34 before 35 goals for me. I will admit most of this month was spent focusing on working on stuff for my brother's graduation, so I'm kind of scared to see how I did on my goals. Here we go:

4. Have 100 sales in my Etsy shop. 5 sales this month!!! 
6. Maintain 50 items in my Etsy shop. I have so many things I want to make and hopefully it will be hard to have 50 items in my shop all the time because hopefully things will be selling! Only 22 items right now, but with 5 sales I'm okay.
9. Create digital cards. Think the cards you get at Christmas. Great for birth announcements, birthday invitations, Graduation open houses, wedding save the dates and more. Did a ton on this one. Not all cards, but lots of collage type things for my brother's graduation. 
13. Learn to design elements in Photoshop Elements. I really want to learn to make digital elements for digital cards and stuff. Another one I can say I did a lot with for my brother's graduation. I learned so much and even upgraded to PSE 9.
15. Do more with photo editing. One thing is I want to go back and do some things with my older pics and also there is so much more fun stuff I can do with pictures. I did all the editing of my brother's senior pictures and a few fun things with them as well. Still working on baseball pictures.
16. Have 10 custom orders. I would love to have more, but I really want to make more custom items for people. Be it banners, cards or scrapbooks, bring it on. 4 custom orders, all banners, which puts me at 13 custom orders!!! Met this goal and can't wait to smash it!
17. Really learn the ins and outs of PSE. There is so many things I could do that I just haven't taken the time to learn yet. With as much time as I spent in PSE I learned a lot. Will have more to learn with the upgrade too!
18. Procrastinate less. I have been working hard on this. I am horrible at procrastinating and then doing everything at the last minute. Could have done better, but I was really busy so I can't complain too much about the times I did take as down time.
19. Learn more about letterpress. I love the look and would love to learn a faux way to do it. Of course I'd love to own the letterpress by Quickutz, but that won't be happening soon. Learned to do a faux letterpress in Photoshop so I'm excited about that. 
24. Stay better caught up on pictures, editing and uploading. Upload to Shutterfly, Flickr and other spots. Also be better about backing up. I have a few days of May left to do and they will be caught up with the exception of baseball pictures, but there are so many of those!
25. Do more with movie maker. I would love to create slideshows, etc. Did the slide show for my brother's graduation. Just need to figure out why I'm having trouble with it saving to a disc.
27. Read 1 fun book a month. I love to read, just have a hard time making time for it. Hopefully this will force me to read more. Made up for not reading one last month and read 4 this month. 
32. Upload creations at Flickr, Facebook, etc. Need to get all the graduation stuff I did uploaded.
34. Do more to encourage Handmade Items!! I don't care if it's jewelry or cards or what, I just really want to do more to encourage buying handmade. I'm pretty sure there are a few people who will never come to me for gift advice again after all the pushing I did of Etsy and a few local handmade shops. Every person I knew looking for Mother's Day and Graduation gifts I told to go to Etsy. Hehe! I love handmade.

Not my best month, but I'm excited for summer. We still have lots of baseball games, tonight was supposed to be our last games, but because Mother Nature had other ideas we still have several make up games. We also are playing in a tournament later this month in Kansas City. Can't wait for that as that is near my family, so they can come cheer on the Krusherz!

I'm working on posts with my summer goals and also summer photo ideas. Can't wait to get them finished and posted. Tonight we have 2 baseball games so look for one of those posts probably tomorrow afternoon! Oh and today was field day for the kids so Dart should be good and worn out tonight!
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