Monday, June 4, 2012

Ideas needed

I have a friend from high school who in November discovered she had breast cancer. She started chemo shortly after discovering and went through HELL and back during treatment. We all prayed daily that the chemo was doing it's job and she would get the cancer free diagnosis she wanted when it came time for her scans. She was sick most of the time and achy and sore. She has 2 gorgeous daughters and is an AMAZING teacher. She was even voted Teacher of the Year in her district for the year, despite all she went through. The end of May she was done with chemo and had her scans done and went for her scans result appointment. Her prayer warriors were praying hard all day. She did not get the results she wanted and in fact they were worse. Not just "you need some more chemo to get all of it" but instead "the cancer has spread."

She went through the normal phases depressed, pissed off, and is now ready to FIGHT!! She is now looking into going to MD Anderson in Houston, TX. As we all know teachers' incomes are no where near what they should be(my mom is a teacher and is in the room next to this friend) so people are coming together to help her. The fundraising has begun and there is a car wash/bake sale/craft sale scheduled for later this month. Here's where I need ideas. My mom and I want to set up a booth of something to sell. We need something easy to mass produce that people will buy. It needs to be low cost to make too. I'm thinking some simple Christmas cards and/or tags. Others will have jewelry so that is covered, besides we are not jewelry makers. What do you think about Christmas cards/tags? I know December is still a ways away, but lets face it, it will be here before we know it and it's something that would get used. I may do some "generic" cards as well. They need to be easy to do, simple and something that people would buy. Any other ideas?
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