Saturday, September 17, 2011

September Mini Goals Update

Meant to post this yesterday and the day got away from me.

Blog 5 times a week-not doing too bad on this one. Helps that I have a calendar with what I want to blog about each day written on it. Then I'm not sitting here staring at a blank screen with my cursor blinking in my face saying "write something write something write something"

Make enough items to hold a Finally Fall Sale-Have 24 items in my shop right now and am working hard to get more done. Should be able to do this.

Read Craft Inc and start Handmade Market Place-Still reading Craft Inc. Going to probably have to hold off on Handmade Market Place because someone else has it on hold at the library so I have to take it back. Will just start a different creative book instead.

Run at least 4 times a week-FAIL!!! Allergies have knocked me down and a crazy schedule. Going to get back on track this next week.

Declutter! 5 bags worth of stuff-Haven't taken the bags out yet, but have 2 ready to go. Full of clothes that no longer fit me or I no longer care for and clothes of Audrey's too.

Back later today with my favorites for the week. Watching football and working while enjoying the smell of hamburger and veggie soup simmering on the stove!! Great fall Saturday in Columbia. Hoping the Tigers make it a perfect weekend by winning.

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