Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Greatest Day of the Year

Today is that's opening day for baseball. I am one of the biggest baseball fans in the world. I have a serious love for baseball, not just the sport, but the memories of watching it with my daddy. My dad was beyond obsessed with baseball. Oh what it would have been like for him if he were still alive today. I know he would be totally into fantasy baseball, we would have had every baseball channel there was and I can only imagine the phone the man would have had to track baseball daily. To give you a bit of glimpse how big of a fan the man was, not only did he write a paper about being a professional baseball player in 8th grade that made it's way to the newspaper in Phoenix, AZ, he also created his own baseball game out of his cards and little pieces of paper. I also recently found a folder where he tracked pitching stats for every pitcher for a year and also a folder full of different possible scenarios. Oh and I can't leave out that when he died he was buried in his 85 I-70 World Series shirt and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" was played at the end of his funeral.

So yay, baseball is in my blood. It is still as far as I'm concerned the American sport. I love that Dart is becoming as interested in baseball as I am. He loves playing baseball and I'm sure this year he will be more into stats than ever before. He is a stat fanatic for football and basketball and let's face it, baseball is a bit over the top when it comes to stats. He has an excellent arm and makes some amazing stops at first base. I think he will either be a first basemen or a center fielder. The only thing he lacks for center field is speed. He is not a short sprint kid.

I know many people out there say the game is too long and they need to shorten it. However, aren't some of the best games those that last hours? I know that when a guy is being intentionally walked, I would be fine if he just took the base, we all know he's going to be walked, no point in throwing all 4 balls. However, how can you speed up the game beyond that? Okay, so you limit trips to the mound and the length of time out there, but even that isn't going to shorten it much. You just can't speed up a game like baseball and that's what is so perfect about baseball. I love that even if you are down by 10 runs, come that 9th inning one swing of the bat can change it all. A baseball game is never over until that last out. Not like football and basketball where they can either take a knee or hold the ball as long as the shot clock is in their favor. Baseball has to be played out completely. A pitcher can't refuse to pitch simply because his team is winning. That's what makes baseball so exciting and yet at the same time, can be a very relaxing game.

Yes, I know the Royals are one of the worst teams in MLB, but I'm still a loyal fan. Have been for as long as I can remember. I remember going to see George Brett play in his final game at home. My grandma came and took me from tennis practice so we could go see it. I've stood in line for GA tickets many times and have many memories of sitting in GA watching the game. Something about being at a game that just makes it so real. Dart and I are still planning on hitting a Mizzou baseball game soon. I'd also love to go see a Mizzou softball game.

So today on opening day, stop for a minute and smell the grass, hear the crack of the bat and stand for the National Anthem, I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Baseball is back and the bases are placed in the ground, the fields are looking better than ever, the hot dog vendors are ready and the boys are back in town! PLAY BALL!!!
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