Sunday, February 6, 2011

7 on Super Bowl Sunday

Don't worry it won't all be about football and other than this comment will not mention the halftime "show".

1. Congrats to the Green Bay Packers! And thanks to the Steelers for making it a great game. It was so awesome to hear former Tiger Ziggy Hood's mentioned, even if it was for sacking Aaron Rodgers.

2. WE GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!! Sorry for shouting, but man I'm so glad. We only go 4 days for the next 3 weeks, so we need to go every day we are supposed to.

3. If you are the praying kind will say a few for me? Just going through some things, nothing crazy or major, just some decisions to make and looking for some answers.

4. I have a website I want to share with all of you. OhLife is a great site for capturing your days story. It's a free site that you simply go sign up on and then every evening they send you an email asking you how your day was. The great thing is after a few entries they include a previous entry in your email so you can look back and see what was happening. It's also private so you can vent, celebrate or just get things out. I've been using it for a few weeks and love it.

5. Did you read about my challenge? Have you decided who you are sending a card to? Don't forget to let me know if you are joining. I will tell you this week who my card went to. I plan to send one or give one, may not always send it, may give one to someone at the kids school every week.

6. I had an item featured in 2 treasuries this weekend at Etsy. Both included the same item, but still great for exposure. The are here and here.

7. Tomorrow would be the perfect time for the Mizzou Men's Tiger Basketball team to break their losing streak on the road. Oh and it would mean we would beat the bird team from Kansas.

This little guy showed up on our front porch last night. This picture is unedited. Working hard on getting better night shots with crummy lighting.

A Challenge

 Close your eyes and imagine this for a minute: you came home after a long day, open the mailbox, dig through the pizza coupons, phone bill, car dealership giving away a car if you have the right key ad and at the bottom of the pile, there sat an envelope hand addressed from someone you may or may not have talked to in a while. Suddenly the stress from the crazy day at work is starting to get a bit better. You open the card and inside it simply says "Just thinking of you." Now you are feeling all warm and fuzzy. It makes your entire evening better. You are less cranky with your family. You might even start thinking of who you could send a card to, letting them know you care about them.

Who couldn't use a little something fun and happy mixed in with the bills and junk? I know I wouldn't mind something a little personal and fun in there. So my challenge to you is this: Send someone a card letting them know you are thinking of them. They don't have to be sick or going through anything major, just something that says, "Hey, Just thought I'd let you know I think of you." Doesn't have to be fancy, even better if it's handmade, but I won't hold that against you.

It won't take you but 10 minutes and cost you the price of a card(if you have some on hand, even better) and a stamp. Remember those things we used to need for everything, before the days of automatic bill pay and email. However, that 10 minutes and few dollars if that could really change someones day.

If you take on this challenge leave me a comment letting me know you are, there just might be something in it for one of you. "Wink Wink"!

An oldie, but still one of my favs.
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