Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Day to Breathe

So today was the least busy day of the week. Had lunch with a friend at Chili's. LOVE there chips and salsa. I usually eat just that, but today I had something a little more. The Chicken Tortilla soup is really good, will have to have that again.

I'm still brewing some ideas for some weekly series type things to post on here. One I really think I want to do is "Make it Monday" where I will show either things I'm working on making or things I want to make at some point(because that list isn't long enough already). So hopefully Monday will be the beginning of that.

Just a peak of some things I've been making...

For the Reader in your life

So today ended up not as calm as I hoped it would be, but it was a great day. I had lunch with a very dear friend of mine at Chili's. My favorite place to eat. Love their chips and salsa. Although I came out of there feeling like I had eaten a Thanksgiving meal.

So for those of you who might have a mom or soon-to-be-graduate in your life here are some ideas for them:

Anyone who reads regularly knows you can never have enough bookmarks.

I usually try and get most of the books I read at the library. However there are a few books that I dearly love and know I will read again and those I do buy, but often times lend to others to read. These are just a fun way to make sure you get your book back. So easy to do and just adds a nice touch to the front of the book instead of just writing your name.

If you have a mom or graduate you know who would love these, please email me and we will get your order taken care of.
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