Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quote Me on that

I am a HUGE quote collector. I have a rolodex file almost full of quotes. And with the discovery of Pinterest I am collecting even more. I love adding them to pictures, scrapbook pages, little notes for people, and whatever else I can think of. I'm working on making some quote prints to add to the etsy shop and hope to have them ready to go soon. I'm thinking they will be printable things, not physical products. Reduces shipping costs and makes it more customizable.

I'm hoping to start a wordy Wednesday type thing for the blog. Some weeks it will be just the quote, others it might be a print with the quote and others there may be a picture with the quote. It will just depend on what quote speaks to me the most that week.

For today it's what may be a printable item. Still working on how I like them to look. However, this quote is truly speaking to me this week.

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