Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shopping for a 10 year old boy

Why are boys so hard to shop for???? Trying to come up with ideas for Dart for Easter has been horrible. He's not a lego kid, he doesn't play with toys anymore really(no action figures or Pokemon or any of those). He likes sports, video games and reading. Video games are so expensive so that knocks them out for Easter. He doesn't need anything for any sports right now(last year I did a baseball theme for him and he loved that, but he doesn't need anything). And as for books, usually he checks them out from the library. He has a few series he likes, but he's got all the books for those right now. So what does that leave?

I finally decided to get him a few packs of baseball and basketball cards. He does have a collection started and mentioned he'd like more. However, those are small. Audrey is getting colored bubbles, sidewalk chalk and a jump rope so I feel like I need a couple more things for Dart. I'm thinking a gift card to I-Tunes so he can download some music or apps. I need help people!! What do you get a 10 year old without breaking the bank, but also without it being junk just to get something?
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