Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15 of 25 Handmade Gifts to Give

As I was trying to decide what I wanted to feature as my gift today I decided that instead of a "gift" idea, I'm doing "decor" ideas for this week. They will all be Holiday themed. Today is one of my favorite Holiday decorations...Advent Calendars. I tried finding one on etsy to feature and came up with a list 20 miles long. I LOVE Advent Calendars or some sort of something to help count the days down to Christmas. I do have some of my favorites to show you though, but I encourage you to go to Etsy and search for Advent Calendars.

Found in Polka Stripe Studio This is a semi-local to me artist, she's from the Kansas City area, which is 2 hours from me.
Found in Bottle Cap Jen. She has lots of different kinds of Bottle Cap Jewelry, more great ideas.

This idea is great for DIYers. These come to you from Shabby Chic Crafts. She has several different types of things for Advent DIYers.

I have several different Advent Calendars I want to make. We have 2 that were mine when I was a little girl and I'm so excited that my kids enjoy them as well. 

Make it Monday and more

Make it Monday this week includes:
lots of cards
a few banners
some sewing(no clue what I just want to sew some more)
advent calendars
whatever else I decide I want to make

I did pretty good over the weekend made a mini book for a friend's baby shower, made a pillowcase for a little boy to have at day care, and a couple of banners. Will be posting pictures of all of them on my Pink Owl Blog, but I will let you know when I do get them posted. Need to take pictures still of a couple of things.

Can't believe it's the last full week before Thanksgiving. Getting excited about all the food though. I have been watching the Black Friday ads and am slowly getting my lists made for my kids. I have decided that the adults in the family are getting handmade gifts. I need to fill out the Handmade Pledge. I remember being a kid and hating handmade gifts though, now I so appreciate them. Even my kiddos will get a few handmade things, but of course their main gifts will be store bought. Until I figure out how to make my own Madden game that is...

Let me know what you are working on this week. Always looking for new projects to add to my want to make file.

Day 14 of 25 Handmade Gifts to Give

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday. I spent the morning putting together a mini-book for a friends baby shower that was yesterday afternoon. I didn't even turn my computer on until about 10:30 last night. Today's idea is full of one of my favorite things....owls!!! Seriously the lady has tons of different owls in her shop. I Sew Lucky is the name of the shop. Lots of cute little owls for little ones on your gift giving list.

My favorite is this little guy:
Back later with today's gift idea.
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