Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catching up on 12 on 12

So April is almost here and I am just getting around to posting my 12 on 12 from February. I will have March up tomorrow!!

Top Row:Harry Potter, Dart reading, Audrey's art table, Columbia Tribune cover recapping Mizzou beating Baylor at home.
Middle Row: Calvin and Hobbes; Dart's favorite comics as of late, working on planning our menu for the week, my water; drinking lots more of it and less pop!, screen shot of Hulu watching shows while I work.
Bottom Row: Audrey reading Arthur's Reading Race to me before bed, the Valentine Audrey made for Uncle, my table with a few projects in progress on it, my book I'm reading; love James Patterson!

Also I listed a new card set in the shop today.

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