Saturday, September 17, 2011


Favorite moment of the week: Lots of time at the kids school this week. Parent Connection and then helping with pictures of Friday morning. Seeing all the kids dressed up and with their hair fixed was so much fun. Also hanging out with Audrey last night after Dart and Mark were both asleep. Just sitting and talking with her for a while.

Favorite quote of the week: "Nothing rings as true as authenticity. It's impossible to please everyone and trying to do so will drive you insane and turn your work into vanilla." Elise Blaha I had a totally different quote picked out, and then tonight while I was catching up on my blogs I ran across this in a post of hers. Everytime I read her blog I feel inspired and happy. This quote spoke to me in so many ways.

Favorite find on Etsy this week:
Found in MakingsofShannaTice I need these for the cool walks to school we will have starting next week with Walking School Bus.

Favorite pin of the week:
Pin: Can't wait to make these!

Favorite thing I made this week: 

Happy Birthday Grandma! Love and miss you everyday!

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