Thursday, December 16, 2010

9th Day of Christmas

9 "Christmasy" Things to do before Christmas

1. Make cookies. Have plans to make cookies and a few other things this weekend.

2. Kids school parties. Wednesday is the last day of school and PARTY day. Audrey's class is doing a book exchange. Can't wait to get a new book.

3. Finish shopping. Have a couple of things left to get. Scored big today. Was taking some things to Children's Orchard to sell and got a Littlest Pet Shop Monkey set for Audrey. Cost me $.25. I had a store credit for all but $.25 of it. Still in the box. She will be so excited.

4. Wrap presents. I loathe wrapping presents, but it must be done.

5. Finish gifts. Teachers gifts, family gifts, kids gifts. STRESS!!

6. Look at lights. Must take kids to Magic Tree before Christmas.

7. Watch movies on "12th Day" list. We have watched Christmas Story and Polar Express.

8. Read "Twas the Night Before Christmas. Always read it after midnight(10:00) mass before kids head to bed.

9. Relax and enjoy the season! This might be the hardest of all of them.


I believe I found the link to this on twitter, but could be wrong, might have been through another blog. Awesome video.
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