Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 23 of 25 Handmade Gifts to Give

Sorry about the sudden break in Handmade Gift Ideas. I had planned to get posts ready to go up last week, but time just kept getting away from me.

Back to catch up for the next 3 days.

Makes me think of Atari and my childhood. From The Art of Amy C Nelson

And 2 hats from Rak J Patterns

Adorable Rainbow Sock Monkey Hat!

I know Thanksgiving is over, but this hat is just too cute not to show.

She has some really neat things in her shop.

Make it Monday

New pictures of the Under the Cabinet Jar opener are posted on my Pink Owl site.

This week I'm working on:
  • December Daily book. Making one for me and for each of the kids. 
  • Monogram Coaster Clipboard desk set(hard to explain, but really neat)
  • Dress for Audrey
  • Pillowcase for Dart
  • Cards, cards, cards, and more cards
  • Banners
  • 34 before 35 book(look for an update on 33 before 34 later this week)
I'm sure I'll find some more things to add to my list, but I'm trying really hard to get done what I put on my Make it Monday list.

Snow Banner I made last week.

Under the Cabinet Jar Opener

While I was at my mom's this weekend I decided to take some better pictures of the under the cabinet jar opener. I don't have one hanging up at my house because we rent and our landlords don't want holes put in the cabinets.

Here are pictures that will give you a better idea of how this thing looks and works.

How it looks mounted under your cabinet.

Another view of it mounted.

Opening a jar of salsa.

2 liter bottle of pop.

View from under neath. Not sure you would ever look at it like this, but just an idea of how it goes up.

Back to

work tomorrow. Will be back to finish the 25 gift ideas. Also better pictures of the under the cabinet jar opener. Working on lots of projects this week and can't wait to share them. Hard to believe December is just around the corner.

Back to....

work, school, routine! Back tomorrow with lots of stuff including make it monday, plans for my December Daily album, Thanksgiving memories and new pictures of the under the cabinet jar opener.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
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