Sunday, October 30, 2011

To do this week:

I have a craft fair this weekend so I'm putting my list here so I don't forget anything.

  • Rag coasters(will post pics when I get a set done)
  • Christmas cards
  • headbands
  • American Girl clothes
  • Holiday Planners(if I can get them to come out the way I want)
  • mini books
  • Thanksgiving banners
  • Christmas tags
I hope I can get all this done. On top of Halloween tomorrow night and gymnastics Tuesday night. I'm going to take the rag coasters to gymnastics and snip the edges there. Figure I need something to do for an hour and that will be a good time to get them done.

Made this little pillowcase tunic length shirt for Audrey today. So easy to make and she loves wearing them.

Hopefully I can snap a pic of her in it tomorrow before school. Gotta get the rest of the stuff for their costumes tomorrow. Audrey changed her mind and is going to be Smurfette, a little fancier though. She isn't going to wear all blue leggings, she is wearing striped leggings. Leave it to my girl to make it fancy!!
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