Sunday, April 17, 2011

7 on Sunday

Lots of randomness today:

1. Doing very good on my using things up this month. Cleaning out the cabinets is nice and using things makes me happy.

2. Did some major cleaning up of my bookmarks this weekend and am loving that so much of it I was able to just pin on my Pinterest boards instead of keeping in my bookmarks. I love this because then no matter where I am I can still access the stuff. Also I have by far less stuff bookmarked.

3. Worked on Graduation cards, a very fun wedding banner and a few other things this weekend, which means lots of stuff to go in the Etsy shop this week.

4. Still working on baseball pictures from last weekend and from this past week. Started the regular season 2-0! I love editing pictures so it's okay that I have a ton to do.

5. My brother had his Senior pictures taken this week so now I get to play with those as well. Also will be working on some digital cards with them.

6. Hoping this week will be much better than last week was. I am proud of myself for just taking Friday to be sad and not stress over getting my to-do list done. I needed the day that way and it was fine that I took it.

7. Look for some good Mother's Day gift ideas this week. I can't wait to share some ideas of good handmade gifts for Mom!

Hoping I haven't already shared this set. A very simple birthday card set.
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