Saturday, September 10, 2011


Has it seriously been a week already?!? I'm worn out tonight. We had 2 birthday parties to go to today and I stayed up way to late last night with the Mizzou game going until 1am my time. I'm getting old. Kids had a blast at the birthday parties though.

Moment of the week: Watching the kids at the skating rink today for 1 of the parties. I remember going skating all the time when I was younger. It was a Friday night ritual for several years. I will say a small part of me got a little worried each time they would fall. When I was in 3rd grade 1 month to the day after my dad died we were at a skating party for girl scouts. We were having a race and you had to go down and touch the wall and come back and the next person would go. Well instead of simply touching the wall I crashed into it and broke my arm. I remember feeling like my arm went through the wall. Ended up spending the night in the hospital because they had to reset my arm. I'm sure my mom loved me for making her spend a night in the hospital so soon after doing it with my dad. Although I'm not sure how worried my mom was at first because she was in line after me and when I skated back to her crying she said "go see your aunt" and skated her leg of the race. Haha! As soon as she was done we headed to the ER.

Quote of the week: Failure is Opportunity in Disguise!

Pin of the week: 

Etsy Heart of the Week: 
  Found in HairChick shop. Love how she used the buttons. 

Thing I made this week:
 I love the quote. Hope to get some printed this week and into the shop.
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