Monday, July 26, 2010

5 favorites this summer

Stole this from another blog, that at the moment I can't remember.  Might help if I could get my google reader cleaned out.

Movies: Since I haven't seen one in the theater since Diary of a Wimpy Kid it's all old stuff.  Field of Dreams(we went there a couple of weeks ago), Blind Side(yes, I'm a bit behind the times and have just seen the movie, but it is in my top 5 now), and Up(always a fav).  These are just a few that we've been watching.

Drink: trying to do more water and less pop, however I also am loving lemonade a lot lately.

Music: I absolutely love Kenny Chesney's "Boys of Fall".  Other than that I'm lucky if I get to control the music when the kids are around.  On my playlist it's the same old stuff: Glee soundtracks and a mix of all other types of music.

Food: We have been HORRIBLE this summer when it comes to eating.  I'm really ready to get back into a routine of cooking and eating better.  With it being summer tomatoes and avocados are on the top of my list.  Could eat them and corn all day long.

Other: baseball, we have spent a ton of time at the baseball fields this summer and I've loved every second of it, although I am looking forward to a couple of weeks off before fall practice starts.  Wipeout, LOVE that show. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cannot seem to catch a break

Just when I was thinking, "okay, things are looking more organized and caught up" slap in the face to bring me back to reality.  Both kids had their well child check this morning and all was going good, so I thought.  That was until the Dr started discussing history of heart problems.  They "heard" something on Dart's and so they ordered an EKG.  No results on that yet, hopefully tomorrow, because I might go bonkers if we have to wait until Monday.  They did say it didn't sound like a murmur.  Although they didn't think it was serious enough that he couldn't play baseball this weekend.  However, as a mom, the letters EKG together and heart problem are never words you want to hear.  I'm trying to keep myself calm about it all, but that is a scary thing.  I'm to the point that the head thing and him passing out don't send me into a panic, but the words "history of heart problems" do make me stop and stress. 

Because of this my day was all off today.  Hoping for a good weekend of good baseball.
Another mom and I put together 7 pairs of flip flops for the weekend and fall.  The boys team is the Krusherz and the colors are red, black, white and gray.  Cannot wait to try out our flip flops this weekend.  I also made Audrey some hair clips for the weekend.  Just hoping Mother Nature is on our side and we don't melt. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Trying really hard to catch up on life, crafting, pictures, etc after vacation, but just can't seem to stay focused on any one thing long enough to catch up.  It's driving me BONKERS!  I want so bad to be better at keeping this blog updated, but I just can't seem to.  I'm hoping after this weekend things will slow down a little for a little bit.  We will at least be done with the Show Me State Games, but then comes Fall Baseball and I'm sure it will be lots of practices. 

I do plan on being back later with Wordless Wednesday, I figure a quick picture should be easy enough to do.  I'm also working on a plan that hopefully will make blogging easier for me. 

I hope everyone is staying cool, remember to drink lots of water!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

At the Moment

Listening: ITunes: right at this moment Don't Stop Believing from the Glee Soundtrack

Eating: Nothing, had tacos for dinner.  Thinking about ice cream

Drinking: Coke

Wearing: MU jammy pants, tank top and MU basketball t-shirt

Feeling: Creative

Weather: Not to bad.  Finally had a couple of days with no rain.

Wanting: More hours in the day.

Needing: Laundry done, bags packed for vacation, more hours in the day.

Thinking: about logo designs for both businesses. About vacation next week.

Enjoying: inky fingers and a craft table covered in a project.

Wondering: how I can get more hours in the day.

I sense a pattern in what is going on at the moment with me....needing more time.  We(the kids and I) are heading to my moms on Monday after baseball practice. We will wake up nice and early Tuesday and head to Omaha to see the zoo and family.  Then we will spend Wednesday driving to Iowa and hopefully stopping at an outlet mall.  Thursday will be spent in "Heaven"(The Field of Dreams) and driving back to my moms.  I am looking forward to it.  Maybe not all the time on the road, but the rest of it yes!!  Trying to get some stuff together for the kids to make the ride a little more bearable.  My kids for whatever reason are not big car sleepers.  We'll see how they do waking up and being gone by 7:00 after it being a late night getting to my moms.  Of course that's what DVD players and IPods are for also.  Thank you to whoever was smart enough to invent those 2 things.  Which reminds me need to add make sure IPods are charged and updated to my to-do list.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Supposed to be wordless, but wanted to say that I love this picture.  Took it with my new lens.  LOVE that lens.  Wordless Wednesday is something new I will be doing weekly.  Love the idea.  Hope everyone has a safe weekend, hope to be back before the weekend, but just in case. 
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