Saturday, November 20, 2010

Random Info about Me

Just some random tidbits about me.

  • I love and am highly addicted to Twitter I have a hard time not checking it 100 times a day. 
  • I'm starting to work on my 34 before 35 list. I need to review my 33 before 34 list and see what I actually accomplished, what can be added to my new list and what I have no interest in anymore.
  • I recently discovered Mind Mapping and feel like it is changing my life. I will be doing a post about this later on. 
  • I am getting very excited for Black Friday. My mom and I spend the day together shopping and it is one of my favorite days of the year. 
  • I got new fleece pj pants the other day and Dart is extremely jealous of me. He keeps reaching over and petting my pants. Guess what's on my list for him for Christmas. 
  • I've discovered lately that while I love chocolate, I am a salty kind of girl. 
  • I am hoping Shakespeare's Pizza wins the Best College Hangout on GMA. Love Shake's.
  • I am so excited that Nebraska lost tonight. Holy cow was Bo just a wee bit upset tonight? Wow, his actions prompted Audrey to say "He would be in Red by now and going to see the principal." I can't wait to tell her teacher.
Got lots done on my to do list today. Lots to get done before we head out of town next week. Lots of orders I have to get done. Will show you what I'm working on. Lots of mind mapping to get them figured out. Seriously changing how I work. Can't wait to have lots more info on it to share with you. 

Day 20 of Handmade Gifts to Give

After day 19's post about cookies I figure in order to do all that amazing baking that happens at the Holidays, one must have a cute apron to go with it, so that's the ideas for today.

I love the oven mitt pockets. From Delaney's Closet.

How cute is that?!! From Pig and Company
She has an adorable owl apron.

How cute would that be for a little baker in your life? From GranmaShirley

Back tomorrow with more gift ideas.

Day 19 of 25 Handmade Gifts to Give

So for the last few days of the gifts to give posts I'm going to feature things I find that I love.

I don't know how I came across this shop, but OMG! her stuff is AMAZING. Yes I know that's a lot of caps in one sentence, but look at her stuff. Batches is the name of the shop.

I love that she has pink owl cookies.

More cute cookies. This time from KindredSpiritSweets

How cute are those doggies?

I love these cookies from TSCookies

There are some really cute school bus ones in the same shop.

Being a former tennis player I would have loved these when I was playing(well I'd still love them). From Ruthie's Cookies

She has some that I know my brother would love to have. She has some running shoes and running jersey's.

Didn't mean for this idea list to be all about cookies, but once I found one they just kept appearing.

Just listed

Just listed this item in my Etsy store. Snow Banner/Garland

Listed these a couple of days ago and working on more.

Gift Card Matchbook holder

Gift Card Matchbook Holder

If you are interested in anything in my etsy store, but need a larger amount than listed or would like it in different colors or words please do not hesitate to contact me and we can work out the details.

Back later with the Handmade Gift ideas posts.
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