Saturday, March 31, 2012


In March we:
started walking school bus again. Love the program and love all the kids that walk with us.

moved up a level in gymnastics. Well Audrey did, not the rest of us!

 enjoyed grandparents day at school.

celebrated when our Mizzou Tigers won the Big 12 Tournament.

mourned when our Mizzou Tigers lost to Norfolk State in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

learned to knit a scarf and loved every second of making one.

searched high and low for the yarn for the scarf mentioned above.

interviewed for a part time job at University Hospital.

toured the Capitol and Governors Mansion on a field trip.

learned all about plants at the 1st grade share fair.

celebrated a Mizzou Tigers baseball win!!

missed our Angel Dakota on her 8th birthday!

enjoyed Spring break!

enjoyed amazing weather most of the month.

planted some plants and veggies in a container garden.

watched classic shows like Saved by the Bell!!

started spring cleaning!

All in all I would say March was a good month!! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

March 12 on 12

It's not April and I have March 12 on 12 done. Of course it was almost April before I got February done, but that's okay!

Top Row: Waiting for Walking School Bus to start, University Hospital where I had an interview, the makings of a banner, my new water cup(LOVE it, keeps my water cold for hours and it doesn't sweat all over everything!)
Middle Row: trip to Michaels for some banner stuff, mailing a banner, gas prices $3.59(UGH!), temp(perfect temps).
Bottom Row: new stamps that came in the mail, Dart reading outside, Audrey after an impromptu photo shoot, Venus and Jupiter(had a hard time getting it without shaking since I didn't have my tripod, but was happy I had something from when they were so close and bright!)

Trying to decide what I want to do with these when the year is over. I'm thinking I may make a book on Blurb.  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catching up on 12 on 12

So April is almost here and I am just getting around to posting my 12 on 12 from February. I will have March up tomorrow!!

Top Row:Harry Potter, Dart reading, Audrey's art table, Columbia Tribune cover recapping Mizzou beating Baylor at home.
Middle Row: Calvin and Hobbes; Dart's favorite comics as of late, working on planning our menu for the week, my water; drinking lots more of it and less pop!, screen shot of Hulu watching shows while I work.
Bottom Row: Audrey reading Arthur's Reading Race to me before bed, the Valentine Audrey made for Uncle, my table with a few projects in progress on it, my book I'm reading; love James Patterson!

Also I listed a new card set in the shop today.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Angel Dakota

Today my sweet angel would have turned 8. So hard to believe it's been 8 years since we were blessed with her, if only for a short while. In her time here she changed every person who's life she touched. 

 He misses her so much it breaks my heart to even think about. He said today he was hoping no one would mention it being her birthday because he knew it would make him sad. I hate that I can't make it better for him. He loved to inform everyone we ran into that she was his baby and not to mess with her. He gave her more kisses than anyone of us I believe. She was his Kota Baby Ree and that will never change. He loved her with everything he has, even when she would laugh at him when he got in trouble. 

Proof of how much he loved her....that was his FAVORITE Spiderman, the one NO ONE could touch without him getting mad. The one that when it broke HAD to be replaced no matter the cost(thanks to the internet a replacement was found for under $10.00 and in our hands within a few very long days!) It was okay for her to play with him though. 

Oh how I miss those eyelashes. We would get stopped almost every time we were out someplace so someone could comment on her eyelashes. Most people marveled at their length, a few asked why I put mascara on her. Those made me laugh,I mean really? Her eyelashes were so long that when her eyes were open they touched her eyelids. And that hair. My goodness I have never seen a little one with so much hair. It was so full and thick. And she never got that bald spot on the back of her head that so many babies do. 

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Kota 
Happy Birthday to you!

We all miss you and love you sweet angel. Thanks for being OUR angel!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. The windows are open, the temps are perfect, perfect spring break weather!

2. Does anyone have a Roku player and if so what do you think of it? We are thinking about getting one mainly so we can watch stuff from Hulu on the tv. There are so many things on there the kids would like and it would be easier to watch on tv vs our computers.

3. The Apple Pecan Chicken salad at Wendy's is AMAZING!! I need to find where I can buy Pomegranate Vinaigrette dressing so I can make it at home.

4. Working on some deep cleaning and rearranging of scrapbook supplies. Every time I do this it always inspires me to create. I think it's seeing things I don't use often inspires me to try something new and different.

5. Audrey is very much her mother's daughter sometimes. She has watched High School Musical 2 I don't know how many times and most of the time she cries like crazy when Troy and Gabriella break up. I cry in the same spots in movies I have seen over and over too. Crazy how we do that.

6. Audrey is loving her new gymnastics group. Seems to be doing excellent too. I can't wait until we get to see her perform in May.

7. I'm so thankful for the inventor of allergy medicine. Because our winter never really came this year the pollen counts are INSANELY high. I've just made a habit out of making sure both Dart and I just automatically take one each morning.

8. We finally got around to watching the new Muppet movie. LOVED it!!

9.  Reading "The Help" took me a bit to get into it, but now I'm frustrated cause I don't have the spare minutes to read all the time.

10. Taking the kids to see "The Lorax" tomorrow. Can't wait!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Around here....

working on a free Shutterfly book for Dart's 4th grade field trip to the Capitol.

working on spring cleaning. making kids help too.

enjoying the fact we got lucky and should have nice weather for spring break.

hoping Audrey isn't getting sick since she slept until 11:00. she says she feels a little funny.

watching Saved by the Bell with the kids. thanks to the library having the dvd's.

enjoying cheap labor in the form of kids who are wanting to earn money for various things. have a list of things I was going to do, but just haven't got around to, so Dart and Audrey are helping and in return I am paying them!!

Crazy girl lost 2 teeth in 2 days! Love that hole in her mouth!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Finally saw Bridesmaids today!!! LOVE that movie. So funny, so not kid appropriate, but so funny. Found myself laughing out loud several times.

2. Found out this afternoon our new principal has been hired. She is from in our district already so that is good! Still can't believe our principal is retiring.

3. I pretty much tore my NCAA bracket up after MU lost and then really gave up after Duke lost. Crazy how the games have gone this year. Cinderella is doing lots of dancing.

4. Made a new set of Easter cards today that I hope to share tomorrow. Also have a few new banners in the works on my table.

5. Dart has a "new" toy to play with:
He is so happy to finally have a goal. We don't really have a good spot with concrete to put it, but the ground on the side of the house is often as hard as concrete so it works good there.

6. Currently on my reading list:
Loving both of them. Can't wait to finish "The Help" so I can watch the movie.

7. Anyone joining me in the April Photo a Day challenge? Here's the list!
Stole it from another friend when she posted it!

8. On Thursday I get to go to the state capital with Dart and the rest of the 4th graders!! Can't wait. The kids always look forward to this Field Trip. We are lucky that the capital is only 30 minutes away!

9. A friend posted this on Facebook and it's too funny not to share: "Be thankful for Facebook. The way gas prices are going, this may be the only way we actually see each other." So what are gas prices where you are? Our "cheap" gas was $3.69 as of 4:00 today.

10. This girl will make bars out of anything that might resemble a bar:
This is an old porch swing that we have around our fire pit for extra room for people to sit. She is a monkey!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Back with at least our menu for the week. Lots of stuff carried over from last week as last week ended up being really crazy!

Monday-Cheesy Crockpot Chicken-this has been on here forever, really hoping we actually have it this week.
Tuesday-Leftovers-between Sunday and Monday we should have some leftovers.
Wednesday-Chicago Dog Salad-This is a Rachael Ray recipe that we have been having for years!!
Thursday-Southwest Chicken Skillet-another from last week.
Friday-Fish-have some various fish things in the freezer(kids start spring break today!!)
Saturday-Avocado Smoked Turkey Wraps-came across the recipe card for this today, pairing it with pasta salad!!
Sunday-Crockpot BBQ Beef-another yummy one I came across when going through the recipe box.

Hope to be posting a little more this week, however it's another crazy week with lots going on after school and 4th grade is going to the Capitol on Thursday and I will be joining them!! Cross your fingers we have good weather. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog break

Taking a break for a bit from the blog. I know my posting has been sporadic anyway, but this time I'm not even going to be adding it to my to do list. By doing that then I am frustrated when I don't get to it. Have some things to catch up on in life so I'm hoping that by not letting myself down for neglecting the blog I can get those things taken care of. Not planning on it being a long break, hopefully by Friday I'm ready to go again. I have lots to share including 2 sets of 12 on 12 and some of Audrey's craft projects!

In the meantime, I have 1 yard of this fabric, what should I make with it????

Monday, March 12, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

I actually have a plan for this week!!!

Monday-Sausage, taters and onions-a good standby that I usually have the stuff on hand for.
Tuesday-Grill-not sure what it will be, have a friend coming over who will be grilling for us!!
Wednesday-Cheesy Crockpot Chicken-Kindergarten registration is that night so I may be at school helping.
Thursday-Southwest Chicken Skillet-I think I got this out of the coupons. Will see if I can find it online.
Friday-Fish-Not sure what yet, just know it will be fish!
Saturday-Enchilada Casserole-We've had this before and everyone loved it. It's on my Pinterest board.

I realize today is also the 12th and I have yet to share last months 12 on 12 pictures. Guess I will have to get on that this week.

One last thing, I could use some good vibes my direction for a possible new adventure!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random Mumblings

BIG 12 CHAMPIONS!!!! Mizzou beat Baylor 90-75!!! What a way to go out of the Big 12! 

Loved the weather today!! Doors open, sunny outside! Would be perfect if the temp was about 5 degrees warmer.

Yesterday was Grandparent's Day at the kids school. I don't know how many grandparents we had, but there were cars as far as the eye could see. It is always so much fun to witness. The kids love sharing their work with their grandparents.

I know it's still a few months before the Olympics in London, but this article about the shoes our track athletes will be wearing has me getting very excited.

While I'm looking forward to it being light longer, I'm not real excited about losing an hour of sleep!

Finally getting around to watching the finale of Parenthood and OMG!!! Seriously we need to know NOW what Sarah says!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Love those goofballs.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Audrey starts Beginner 2 in gymnastics tonight! She is a mix of excited and nervous! Proud of her!

2. PERFECT weather today in CoMo! Can we just stay like this for the next couple of months? Throw in a bit of rain at night a few times and I would be a happy girl.

3. Watched the new Footloose today!! It is as good as the original. I do wish Julianne Hough would have sang one of the songs though. And Blake's version of Footloose is AMAZING!!

4. I'm doing good on my giving up pop for Lent. I have had a few rough times, but for the most part it hasn't been too horrible. I'm liking my water.

5. I can't believe the Colts are releasing Peyton Manning. I realize there are a lot of questions surrounding him and his neck, but come on, it's not like the Colts had a good season without him.

6. Since this post always seems to take all day to right, an Audrey gymnastics update. She did awesome. Was nervous going in to class, but at their first break she was all smiles and excitement again.

7. I LOVE Betty White. Seriously the woman is freaking amazing. My latest favorite from her is something that makes me laugh every time I see it.

8. Decided to do photo a day challenge on Instagram. So far so good.

9. Getting excited for the Big 12 tourney. Mizzou's last!!!! Hoping the dumb articles about Mizzou jilting the Big 12 will stop after this. We aren't the first team to leave or the only team leaving at this time.

10. Getting the itch to do some sewing again!! I have a CUTE baby rag quilt all cut, just need to get it sewn.

Monday, March 5, 2012

35 before 36 update...a few days late

Still trying to gain some ground on my to do list and get back on schedule. 

1. Get rid of 60lbs. I don't want to lose it because you usually want to find things you lose.-Bought me some new running shoes!! Can't wait to take them for a test run.
2. Menu plan, will save time, money and help with 1.-Have slacked the last couple of weeks, maybe that is adding to my chaos! Getting back on track this week.
3. Eat breakfast everyday. I'm horrible about eating breakfast.-I've been eating something small once I get the kids dropped off. I really want to start eating before they go to school though.
4. Get all recipes on cards. I might use them more if I don't have to dig through a box.-Got some more on cards. Making good progress. Need to get back to meal planning as that was forcing me to write some down.
5. Get the kids in the kitchen to help cook more. They both usually enjoy it.-Audrey has been helping lots, not so much with Dart.
6. Read "Little Women". My name came from the book and yet I've never read it.-Not yet.
7. Get my first mani and pedi. Nope never had one!-Not yet, thinking when it gets a bit warmer.
8. Start going to church again. I haven't gone consistently in several years.-No.
9. Watch "The Wizard of Oz" This movie scares me to death. -No.
10. Get to and maintain at least 65 items in my store.-55 items right now. Working on some custom orders, as soon as I get those done, I hope to get some more stuff done.
11. Add digital cards to my shop.-Working on graduation cards.
12. Hold a couple of sales in my shop.-Not yet.
13. Find ways to cut shipping and supply costs.-Found a good way to cut some of my shipping costs. Researching some ways to cut paper costs.
14. Add wedding invites, programs and guest books to my shop.-Working on invites.
15. Add American Girl clothes to my shop.-Have some new patterns I can't wait to make.
16. Get my vision of "Colorful Minimalist" into my products and shop. Will blog more about this later.-If I can get some new products done this will be happening.
17. Learn calligraphy. Maybe not the "traditional" style, but I want to explore more with handwriting.-Not this month.
18. Learn more about graphic design. Can't afford to go back to school now so I will teach myself some.-Did some playing around in PSE, figured out some technical stuff that makes me happy.
19. Teach Audrey to sew. I wish I would have learned when I was younger!-Bought some fabric for her to make a blanket.
20. Make mini books for me and to sell.-No :(
21. Do more DIY items.-Audrey made a snowglobe, some shirts and some other stuff.
22. Do something creative everyday. Even just something small.-Have done something small everyday!
23. Do 12 on 12 every month. Take 12 pictures on the 12th every month.-Yep, just need to get them edited and blogged.
24. Give more handmade items. Even if I'm not the one to make them.-Didn't do so hot in February.
25. Send/give cards every month to someone just for fun.-Not for fun, but did make the kids some fun Valentine's.
26. Project 365. There are several sites for this, but I found a site that will email me a prompt everyday.-Another month another picture everyday!!
27. Clean up external hard drive completely. Started good last year and then went downhill.-Didn't touch it in February.
28. Blog at least 5 times a week.Haha! I'm really hoping to do better in March.
29. Be less crazy about things like how the kids pick up their room and put away their clothes.-I think I did better, but then again, Audrey has done a much better job about keeping her room picked up.
30. Be more patient. I am so not a patient person.-Still working daily, but trying.
31. Declutter. 40 bags in 40 days! You can find lots of info on the web about it.-Have 4 bags in my trunk I need to take.
32. Stop biting my nails. I don't want them really long, but I want them to have a little nail to them.-Another good month! I'm so proud that I've done so good.
33. Play more games with Dart and Audrey. We have a ton of board games and a ton of Wii games.-Taught Audrey to play Skip-Bo.
34. Keep inbox and google reader cleaned out. They got out of control several times this year.-Had some days of craziness that my reader was insane, but overall pretty good.
35. Enjoy life more!!-I believe so!!!

My poor baby girl had a fight with an ear infection recently! Not fun! And now she is running around lifting her shirt up saying "I'm like Bridgett!" As in Bridgett from 8 Simple Rules! Lord help me!
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