Thursday, September 2, 2010

At The Moment

Listening: Wipeout on tv. LOVE this show!

eating: nothing. getting ready to eat dinner.

drinking: finishing a coke I've had for several hours. It's getting pretty warm.

wearing: MU pj pants and a black tank

feeling: stressed, but really pretty good. Lots going on right now.

weather: currently under a thunderstorm watch. Wind is picking up and it's cloudy. Oh and baseball was canceled for tonight.

wanting: a weekend at home with nothing to do. It's looking like the end of October, first of November before that happens.

needing: a weekend at home with nothing to do. And a few clones while we are at it. One to be mom, one to be PTA VP/Volunteer coordinator, one to be Pink Owl Designs designer, and one to sleep.

thinking: about all the things I want to make between now and Sept 27th for my etsy shop. One of the Columbia bloggers is doing a feature post on my that is going to include a giveaway!  Free stuff!

enjoying:  Wipeout and the laughter it brings. The fact that Dart is feeling better, he came home from school yesterday with a 103 fever. An evening at home with no place to go.

wondering: how painful it is when they wipeout on Wipeout. Seriously I think we say Ouch! more than anything while watching this.

Hope to be back later with a massive update on what is going on in my life.
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