Friday, September 2, 2011

September Mini-Goals

I got an email today saying Etsy Holiday Boot Camp would be starting soon. I only half way participated in this last year and I really want to go full force this year. I decided I needed something to help push me along so I've come up with a few mini-goals. Some are business related and some are personal. Some will help me towards goals on my 34 before 35 list and others are things I just want to do better this month.

1. Blog 5 times a week. Lets face it, I haven't been so great about blogging and would love to blog daily, but I'm thinking that's really pushing it. Hopefully 5 times a week is a little more attainable.
2. Get enough items in my shop to hold a Fall into Fall sale. I'm wanting 50-60 items in my shop by the first day of fall so I can hold this sale.
3. Read Craft, Inc and start Handmade Marketplace.
4. Run at least 4 times a week.
5.Work on decluttering our home. We have so much stuff we are never going to use and so much that is just taking up space for no real reason other than we haven't taken the time to get rid of it. I'd love to get rid of 5 bags of stuff. Whether it go to goodwill, trash or giveaway, I want stuff gone!!

I made this banner for a cancer fundraiser silent auction. My brother is friends with the young girl who started the foundation, I-Rok. Her name is Kori and she is currently going through her 3rd bout with cancer since Dec of 2011. Her foundation is hosting a 5K, breakfast and silent auction this weekend to raise money for Children's Mercy Hospital and to kick of Children's Cancer Awareness month. If you could send good thoughts or prayers to Kori I know she and her family would appreciate them. She is a junior this year and an amazing soccer player and was really hoping for one year of just normal life.

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