Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Double header in baseball last night makes for a very tired me today. Got home at 10:00, which I'm usually up after that anyway, but after sitting through 2 games, one that was very long made for a long night!

2. Working on a blog redo. Nothing major, but just a few clean up things. So if things seem a bit off here that is probably why.

3. NFL is in full swing now. Loved all the 9-11 tributes they did on Sunday. Some good games and some not so good games(Chiefs UGH!!). Love watching football with Dart. He is so fun to watch with. He takes after his mother when it comes to watching. He yells at the tv just like me. He is also quick to commentate and in the Sunday night game I'm pretty sure he was calling penalties before the flags were even thrown.

4. I was horrible about running last week. With the cooler temps came the crazy stuff in the air and so my allergies were raging. Even took a couple of naps to help with headaches! I'm hoping that while the crud is still in the air, I have the medicine stuff figured out to help.

5. I broke out my sewing machine again on Friday. It feels so good. I made Audrey a new pillowcase shirt, a couple of headbands, a dress for her doll, headbands for her doll and a purse for me. I have a few things cut and ready to sew.

6. I have a serious sharpie obsession. I use sharpies for my to do list, I love the pretty colors on my to do list. Then I discovered the sharpie pens(regular writing pens). My family is not a fan of them, which is great for me, because they don't steal my pens anymore. I also love the sharpie pencils and highlighters! Now if sharpie would just create colored pencils and crayons I would be in sharpie heaven.

7. My sister gets married in less than 2 weeks and also is closing on a house in this time. I think she's CRAZY!!

8. Dart is going to do lacrosse camp. I can't wait! I think lacrosse would be fun so I can't wait to watch him play.

9. We are going to a have a few pretty cold days later this week and I can't wait to make some soup. Audrey was not a fan of soup last year, so I'm hoping she is over that phase. Dart started asking for soup as soon as the temps went below 80. He is a soup freak and loves to help when we make soup.

10. We have a fundraiser car wash planned for Saturday and a small part of me is hoping it rains and we don't get to do it. Not that I don't want to do the fundraiser, but I would love an unexpected day at home!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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