Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hope this will be a regular thing here on the blog. Really trying to work on that mini goal for September. First thing though Way to go Mizzou Tigers on your win today! Not really the game I was thinking it would be, but then again it was 123 degrees on the field, so I'm guessing the guys were a little warm!

Favorite quote I found this week: "Please take Responsibility for the energy you bring into this space."

Favorite memory from the week: Audrey writing "I love Justin Bieber" on her water bottle and her brother begging her to love the Jonas Brothers instead. He even told her he would watch the Jonas Brothers movie with her if she would pick them of Justin Bieber. To say he is not a Bieber lover is a HUGE understatement.

Favorite thing I made this week:

Favorite Etsy find:
Found in this shop: DillonDesigns It's already sold, but I'm hoping it will be relisted!

Favorite Pin on Pinterest:

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