Monday, June 6, 2011

Right Now...

I am making lists of all the things I want to declutter this summer. There will be some major decluttering going on in this house.

I am knee deep in pictures to edit and taking more everyday! It's okay though because I truly love editing pictures.

I am enjoying some time with just the boys. Audrey is gone for the week so it's the boys and me. Although I will admit it is very quiet around our house without little miss here.

I am planning on getting lots of work done this week while she's gone. Dart is happy to entertain himself and is even mostly capable of fixing his own breakfast and lunch so I'm going to take advantage of that.

I am looking forward to watching a friend's son play tee ball tonight. Seems like so long ago it was Dart playing. Can't wait to see Chase play tonight. He asked me to bring my camera so I can take lots of pictures of him just like I do the big boys. His brother Parker plays baseball on Dart's team.

I am searching for new dinner ideas. With it being so hot and Mark being in the heat most of the day he is not wanting to eat much for dinner. I need some light and easy ideas.

I am loving Blake Shelton's Honey Bee. Such a fun song.

Hope everyone has a good Monday! Busy week for us, but then again it's summer!
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