Saturday, September 18, 2010

What I'm doing at Midnight!

photo by ricstigh found on photobucket
At midnight tonight I will be checking in volunteers at the Mid-Missouri Race for the Cure. Because MU has a night game tonight and because the race route is areas in which people will be tailgating before and after the game there will be volunteers out all night picking up trash. I will be spending my time checking in these volunteers and other volunteers who are getting stuff ready.

I'm excited about doing this. Even though sleep sounds good and it may be raining on us, I'm more than happy to donate a little of my time to such a worthy cause. Good luck to all those that are running/walking tomorrow!

Going Ons

So I last updated this in June, hard to believe it's been that long. Our summer was insanely busy to say the least. We spent all but 2 weeks of our summer at the baseball fields. I love baseball so it wasn't all that bad, but wow! We are still spending at least 3 days a week at the baseball fields.

I have some very exciting stuff getting ready to happen with Pink Owl. I have been working like crazy on cards. Hard to believe it's almost the holiday season! I'm so excited about all the different ideas, now if I could just find an extra 24 hours in each day.

I just finished designing my business cards and am in the process of printing them as I type this. That is if my printer decides it wants to work correctly. UGH! They are pretty simple but I LOVE them.

Speaking of simple, part of the delay in updating this was because I was spending my time thinking about my style and how I wanted to brand my company. It's been exciting and is still an ongoing process, but I am having a blast. I was struggling when I would sit down to create and finally decided that the reason I was struggling was because I was trying to create something that was not me. I was trying to create something that was way to cluttered and complex for my style. Once I started really exploring what I loved and what inspired me creating has been so much easier.

Just a few things I've created recently:
These are 3x3 cards. Will be in my Etsy shop by Tuesday.

Made this for a girl in Dart's class. Love finding new ways to incorporate the money into the design. Behind the money is a black ribbon so it will still be pretty to look at even after she spends the money.

Will be back tomorrow to share more. Need to take a nap as I'm volunteering at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure tonight from midnight to at least 3am. Will be checking in other volunteers that are coming to clean the race area after all the MU tailgaters are gone.
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