Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Favorite Super Bowl commercial is up in the air for me, I'm thinking the M&M's one

2. Saturday night was one of the best basketball games I've seen. MU beat KU 74-71. My brother said it was the loudest and craziest thing he's ever been to. So glad he got to go.

3. Winter is supposed to show up this weekend, minus the snow. Just cold. Hoping it will kill the crud in the air that has made allergies an issue for me this WINTER!! Seriously, it's winter, shouldn't be complaining about allergies.

4. Have you seen the cute cups at Starbucks????

5. Loving season 2 of The Voice. Have a few I like, I think right now Jesse or Tony are my favs. Loved Smash too. Didn't catch all of it so I will be watching it on Hulu tonight or tomorrow.

6. I also have season 1 of Downton Abbey to watch. Everyone seems to like it so I can't wait to watch it.

7. I know May is still a few months away, but I've started working on graduation designs. I'm making banners, cards, and picture announcement cards. Thinking about some kind of mini books too!

8. I'm really proud of myself. I painted my nails before Christmas to keep myself from biting them and so far so good. I haven't kept them painted, but I also haven't been biting them. I don't want them long so when they start to get too long and I want to bite them down I've been trimming them. I just might earn myself a manicure this year!!

9. I think the Full Moon is going to make me crazier. Dart has been crazy!!! 10 year old boys are just plain weird and when you add the full moon it makes them worse! Oh and the attitude comes out!

10. Audrey has gymnastics tonight, the 2nd night this week. She had a makeup class last night and tonight is her regular night. She is in HEAVEN! I think she'd go everyday if she could. She is loving it and working hard.

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