Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10 on Tuesday!

1. I'm not fond of extra early, rainy mornings. Waking up is so much harder on Tuesdays since Dart has choir practice, but waking up on a rainy Tuesday morning is even worse.

2. All Christmas stuff in my shop is still on sale. Check out the cards, tags, and more.

3. Have you watched the new game show "You Deserve It"? We watched it for the first time last week and love it. Some of the questions last night were tough!

4. I'm excited for the Biggest Loser Finale tonight. I have 2 that I'd be okay with them winning and one I DO NOT want to win it. If you've been watching all season, I'm sure you know who I'm talking about!

5. Have someone on your list you still aren't sure what to get for Christmas? Or someone who struggles with arthritis? This Under the Cabinet Jar Opener is a great idea. Everyone in my family loves them.

6. I haven't even thought about Christmas cards, much less started them. Thinking of doing New Year's Cards instead.

7. If you were a fan of "The Voice" and love Christmas music you must check out winner Javier Colon's Christmas CD. OMG! It is amazing. It's only 5 songs, but they are 5 of my favorites and he does an amazing job on them.

8. I decided last night I would rather go through the "Terrible 2's" again than the what I'm calling "Terrifying 10's". Holy cow, my sweet Dart has developed an attitude. I know a good part of it is a mix between the age and all the wonderful(haha) changes they are getting ready to go through and the excitement of Christmas, but still. I do take comfort in knowing that all my friends are going through the same thing with their lovely 10 year olds. I don't know what it is about 10.

9. For those of you with kids, just in case you didn't know about this, this is a great little thing to help the kids in anticipation of Christmas. I have done a video each year for the last 3 years I think. The kids LOVE it. Portable North Pole is the site and you can really personalize the message.

10. My brother and all his friends are experiencing their first round of college finals. I am loving reading all their status' on facebook. He has a few who are done, while he just started yesterday. He is counting down the days until Thursday, when he's done. One of his best friends finished finals and then had surgery on her torn ACL. Not exactly a way to celebrate finals being done.
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