Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 on Tuesday

Well on Wednesday really.

1.Working like crazy to get banners, cupcake toppers, card box and whatever else my mom wants done for the weekend.

2. Have decided that I hate shopping for clothes. It is not fun for me. Went to find something to wear to my brother's graduation and it's just not fun.

3. A piece of advice for all of you with younger kiddos; start a folder now for pictures you might want to use for graduation slide shows. I am starting one for both of mine. My mom is going crazy trying to go through all her pictures to get them together. Thankfully for all but about 6 months of Dart's life I have been completely digital. Should make things easier.

4. Can't believe my baby girl is almost done with Kindergarten. Seems crazy. She has been doing so good lately at reading much harder books. It's so fun listening to her read me a story.

5. Any Castle fans out there? I cannot believe how they ended the season. I'm still mad. Yes, I know it's a tv show, but OMG!!!

6. Excited for the Celebrity Apprentice and Biggest Loser Finales. I really hope John Rich wins CA. I like Marlee, but am a huge JR fan. As for Biggest Loser, I can't wait to see how some of the bigger people look at the finale.

7. I'm still waiting on spring to show up and stay. We had the heat on this week. I'm DONE with the cold.

8. I scored 2 free light bulbs today. Was paying our electric bill and asked about the exchange program they have. Usually you have to take in the old bulbs and they will give you new ones. Got 2 today even though I had no old ones to take in.

9. I'm really excited to show Audrey the new water bottle I found her. The kids recently started taking water bottles to school instead of Capri Sun or other juice. Audrey's was a little too big for her lunch box. Today while I was at Old Navy I found a smaller one, with monkey's on it. She is a major monkey freak, so this will be better. Now I can have her old one too.

10. Speaking of Audrey, she is wearing a dress today that was mine when I was little. Looks so cute on her. Must remember to get a picture of her in it before she changes after school.
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