Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Audrey found 5 minutes in her day to call and talk to me. Actually it was because of a post on facebook and her being at my grandparents for a little while that she called. I'm just thankful she loves being there so much she doesn't feel the need to call.

2. Thank you Country Time for making amazing lemonade. I have been drinking lemonade like crazy lately. Something so refreshing about a big glass of lemonade when it's a million degrees outside.

3. Went and watched one of the Krusherz mascots play tee ball last night. It was the cutest thing, I forgot how much fun tee ball is. They run everywhere, the entire team goes after the ball when it gets hit to the outfield. So much fun. Also amazing how quick they develop the skills the Krusherz boys have.

4. After a bit of a grumpy evening yesterday for no real reason I sat down to catch up on blogs and was reading through all my damnyouautocorrect posts. I was instantly happy again. That site cracks me up. I have to be careful when I read it though or Dart is wondering what's so funny and lets be honest most of those are not appropriate for a 9 year old boy.

5. So sleepy today. I could really use a nap before baseball practice.

6. I just leaned back in my chair and was reminded yet again that my heavy winter vest is still there. I'm pretty sure it would be safe to put it away now.

7. I'm counting down the days until Cars 2 comes out. I LOVE Cars.

8. Ready for the Cicada's to be gone. They are loud and annoying.

9. Finally got everything for the most part the way I want it in PSE 9. I don't know why it's always such a pain to do that. I wish they would just make it so when you upgrade it takes things from your previous version and just does them the way you had them there in the new version.

10. I recently ordered me a Square so I can accept credit cards at craft fairs and stuff. Haven't put it to use yet, and don't know when I'll be doing one soon, but at least I have it.
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