Monday, February 28, 2011

Make it Monday

This week is going to be a lot of organizing at home as we cleaned out a storage unit to get rid of most of the junk that was in it, however we brought some home that we will be keeping so I have to get it all taken care of. However, I do have some creative stuff I want to make as well.

This weeks projects:
  • 2 custom banner orders
  • more banners(want to get a birthday one made, some spring type ones and also get started on some for graduation)
  • doll blankets
  • doll clothes
  • cards(have one get well card I need to make for a friend)
So how many of you participated in my send a card or letter just to say hi? Leave me a comment. And if you did and heard from the person you sent it to, what was their reaction? Have you sent any others?

I can't believe tomorrow is March! Spring is coming! Although I was told on Saturday that according to the Farmers Almanac we still have a major snow storm coming at the end of March. The person who told me this said it would be worse than the last blizzard we got. I really hope it is wrong. Usually the Farmer's Almanac is pretty close to correct and she said so far it's been pretty accurate. NO MORE SNOW!!!

Recently made a Mizzou Rag Quilt Burp Cloth. I think when I make them to sell I will make some minor changes, but I really like these. Great for the dads to use!
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