Monday, April 2, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

There could be some changes this week to our house so I'm thinking a plan is going to be a huge help!!

Monday-Spaghetti Audrey is sick so this is quick and easy to deal with.
Friday-Sunday- Out of town We will be at my mom's for Easter so who knows what we will be having!

Because Audrey is sick and has been all day I have no plan as of yet. As soon as I get one I will update this post.

It was 95 degrees here today according to my car. 95 is way too hot for April 2nd. It is supposed to cool down this week. I can't believe yesterday I was saying "I hope it cools down some for Easter." Who says that? Usually it's I hope it isn't snowing on Easter or I hope it is a little warmer so the girls can wear their dresses without winter coats.

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