Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Around Here....

We are gearing up for the World Series. Cardinals vs Rangers and you would think living in Missouri we would be all Cardinals! WRONG!!! Go RANGERS!!! Ian is Dart's favorite player and Josh is one of my favorite players. I'm excited for the World Series. Hot Dogs for dinner tonight!

I am still sorting a lot of junk out in my head. Depression is a NASTY NASTY thing and it seems to strike me at unexpected times. I'm really trying hard to get through it and feel like I am slowing coming out of this dip in it. I am working on a post about my battle, but still not quite ready to share it. If you have never battled this horrible problem PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not judge those who do. Also understand there is a HUGE difference between being sad for a few days and Depression. Depression is something you don't think will end, sadness you can see the end of the tunnel. Be there for them, be a support, even if you don't know what to say, don't tell them "Oh just get over it." It is real and believe me more than you want them too, they want to get over it and if it were that easy, they would in a heart beat. If you have no clue how to help, simply just listen and don't try to help. Tell them you don't know what to say or do to help them, believe me we will understand. Just being their for them will be a huge help. Support is one of the best things you can offer. And chocolate is always good. Haha!

Working on restocking my etsy store. I had a HUGE card order so I'm working hard to get those cards restocked and some new stuff as well. We are getting close to the holidays so I am working hard on Christmas card designs and lots of fun gift products. I am participating in a Craft Bazaar on November 5th that a friend is hosting. I'm so excited. Any ideas for a good door prize? There is no cost to us for participating, but we have to provide a door prize. I really want to do something fun and different.

It is so stinking cold out. Seriously we went from weeks of gorgeous weather to COLD!! It was cold and drizzly this morning when we were walking to school.

Speaking of cold, Dart has 3 pairs of pants that still fit him and no winter coat. UGH! The boy has gotten so tall that all his pants while still fitting in the waist were way to short. Audrey however is good on clothes. Her winter coat will fit for the 3rd year. She did outgrow some things, but still has a ton of clothes. And will still get new clothes because I have several things I want to sew for her. Makes her brother mad! but oh well!

Audrey is still loving gymnastics. Last night she was a little nervous going in, but was fine once they got going. Such a silly girl!



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