Sunday, April 10, 2011

7 on Sunday Weekend Recap

This is going to be a busy week, with hopefully lots of blogging.

For now here is my 7 on Sunday Weekend Recap.

1.) A very sun burnt mom!

2.) 505 pictures taken

3.) A very dirty little girl(well not anymore, she has had a bath) who was VERY GOOD all weekend at a tournament.

4.) 1 team who looked and played so good together in their first tournament.

5.) 1 Very proud and worn out 9 year old who spent the weekend doing what he loves more than anything, playing baseball. He spent most of the tournament at 1st base and had an amazing catch to get a kid out who all last week at school kept telling him he was going to hit a homerun every time he was up to bat.

6.) 5 baseball games played in roughly 30 hours time. Thus the sun burnt mom, 505 pictures and a little girl who was beyond good. 10 hours alone were spent at the ball fields on Sunday. She started to complain the last 10 minutes we were there.

7.) A 2nd place finish!!!!!!! I am so proud of our boys who finished 2nd in this tournament. The improvements from last year, even from just the fall season are AMAZING!!! They looked like they really knew what they were doing. After we won the game to move onto the championship game all the moms were in tears. The team we beat to get to the championship game was the team we played in the first game of the tournament and lost too, who had the cocky kid that has been telling a lot of the boys all week how his team was going to win the tournament. That was the most nerve wracking, stomach turning 90 minutes of my life. I know at one point when we were struggling I seriously thought I was going to get sick to my stomach. A friend of ours who has been at this for 10+ years with her 2 boys and her husband as a coach said it doesn't ever get any easier. UGH! I was hoping it did.

My baby boy receiving his trophy for 2nd place.
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