Sunday, October 24, 2010

Coming this week

Lots of plans to work on projects this week.

Projects include....
Holiday cards
Gift tags
Gift Card boxes
Money envelopes
Holiday banners
Gift bags
General cards
Rag Quilt
Holiday Planners
and much much more.

Will post some pictures tomorrow, tonight I need sleep.

7 on Sunday

Will do Soup on Sunday on Monday(too tired now to find a soup recipe)

1. Spent Saturday night getting my disco on at my Aunt's 50th surprise party. She was surprised. She went sky diving earlier this month and figured that was all my uncle was doing for her. We had a blast, but my legs today are reminding me that dancing for 4+ hours in flip flops on a concrete floor is not the responsible thing to do.

2. Today I went to an Open House hosted by one of my best friends. She was hosting it for women who own their own business. I had a table with some of my Pink Owl Crafts and Designs. Had a lot of fun and got a few orders and best of all got my name out there a little more.

3. Speaking of surprises, Dart got a huge one yesterday. My mom was able to score Chiefs/Jaguars tickets for $25.00 through a school fundraiser at my brother's school. Dart is a HUGE Jags fan, always has been. We didn't want to just simply hand him the tickets so I made up a little puzzle he had to solve. He is a huge math freak so I did several problems that all had a letter associated with the answer and he had to solve the problems and then unscramble the letters. The puzzle read "going to the Jags tomorrow." He answered it and just sat there for a minute. Then my mom handed him the tickets and his jaw opened wide and he was speechless for a minute!! He wore his Maurice Jones-Drew jersey and one of my brother's friends had a Jags hat she didn't want so she gave it to him. He was surrounded by Chiefs fans, but didn't care. Was a little bummed that the Jags lost, but said he had the best time ever.

4. Speaking of football, MIZ-ZOU! How about that game!!! I was not in Columbia of course and a little disappointed to be missing College Game Day, but that game was amazing. Had a friend that was in downtown Columbia when the goal posts made there way to Harpo's. Such an amazing morning with 18,000 at game day, the parade and then best of all the WIN over the Number 1 team Oklahoma.

5. Lots of projects this week I want to work on for my etsy shop. More Holiday items including some Home Decor items, some general note cards and some fun items for gift giving. Also want to break out my sewing machine this week.

6. Going to catch up on Project Runway and Glee while I work this week as well. Am a bit behind on both and need to get caught up.

7. Not really sure of a 7 right now because I was up too late last night, up early this morning and spent 4+ a little hours in my car today. Ready to stay home!

Back tomorrow with Soup on Sunday and Make it Monday. I will be back a lot this week with posts!!
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