Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today was the first day since well, I honestly don't remember that we saw sun. It was gorgeous outside. Bright blue sky, white whispy clouds and sun glorious sun!!!

We played baseball last night. Not going to lie, I'm ready for a baseball game that doesn't require me wearing gloves. I HATE taking pictures with gloves on, but I'm pretty sure I would have lost a finger last night had I not had my gloves on.

I got a banner done today and am in the process of finishing 80 cards. Yes, 80 cards. They will be for all the volunteers at Dart and Audrey's school. The 9th is our Volunteer Reception and I was asked to make cards for all those that will be invited to the reception. I even put Dart and Audrey to work tonight. Audrey was coloring flowers and Dart was cutting paper for me.

A peek at the banner that will be going in the mail tomorrow. I will show you the finished product tomorrow.

I may just be crazy enough to be up to watch the Royal Wedding. Yes, I am one of those. However, having worked for a wedding planner at one time, how can I pass up watching the wedding. Besides, have you seen Prince William...hello Hotness.
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