Monday, September 12, 2011

Fractionally Challenged!

I suck when it comes to fractions. I did good in school, math was not my favorite subject, but I still managed A's and B's, until it came to fractions. Even now Dart is better at working with fractions than I am. I'm okay with 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 when it comes to knowing which is smaller, etc. However beyond that I am seriously fractionally challenged. I have figured out when it comes to the markings on my paper trimmer what is what other than the 3 listed above.

When it comes to sewing I'm in HUGE trouble, especially when figuring out yardage for something unless I have a pattern in front of me that says this is how much you need. And if the pattern says "hem 1/2 inch" I run screaming and you can find me in a corner rocking back and forth. However, I love sewing(my mom and grandma are sitting back laughing at me right now) and let's face it fractions are a huge part of sewing. In order to keep me out of the straight jacket in a padded room I had to figure out an easier way to work with fractions. I have one of those fancy hem ruler things, but honestly it's a pain to work with since it only does a small part of the fabric. Oh and I'm not a fan of pins all over my item either, I have a tendency to forget to pull the pin out before getting to it when running it through my machine. Enter this brilliant idea I saw on Martha Stewart. I made my own with markings for my most commonly used measurements. I sew not only for Audrey, blankets, etc, but also 18 inch doll clothes. These don't all call for 1 inch hems so I needed those other things as well.

Here is my card:

A closer view so you can see the markings I did. I have measurements from 1/4 inch up to 1 1/2 inches. I figured these were the most common markings I would need.

Being the crazy person I am I used a different color for each marking as well. Made it easier on me since the lines are fairly close together.

To use I just lay my fabric down on my ironing board and then place the card down I fold the edge over and line it up with the marking I need. I start at the edge of the fabric and work my way in ironing as I go.

Last night I was able to get 4 dresses for dolls, a shirt for Audrey and a dress for Audrey ready to sew using this.

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