Sunday, January 23, 2011

7 on Sunday

1. Decided instead of reposting all my pictures for the week I'm just going to post a link. I think it will be easier on me. Shuttercal

2. The kids go back to school tomorrow! THANK GOD! I love them, but we are all ready for them to go back to school.

3. This weekend I made a new background for my twitter page, new banner heading for my Etsy shop and a new avatar for facebook and etsy shop. I really like them all. Very simple and clean.

4. My brother gets to go back to school this week. Was supposed to go tomorrow, but they have a snow day, so Tuesday will be his day! He goes for a stress test on the 22nd of Feb and hopefully all will go well and he will be cleared to run.

5. Did some major decluttering of some papers today. Now if I could just get the rest of my family on board with decluttering.

6. Looking forward to the Super Bowl in 2 weeks. Excited that Mizzou has a former player playing. Will be cheering for Ziggy Hood to have a good game.

7. Worked hard on one of my 34 before 35 goals this weekend. Did lots of playing in photoshop and I am loving every second of it. Will be working on lots of digital card designs to add to my etsy shop this week. So much fun!

I like the clean and simple design. Can't wait to make lots more. Great for birthday invites, cards to family and more.


I will get my pictures for the week uploaded in the morning. Seriously having 2 snow days each week for the last 2 weeks has me all out of sorts. I did get out of the house today for a booster meeting for Dart's baseball team. Also got to see Kansas lose while at said meeting. That made the day wonderful and then when my Tigers beat Iowa State the day was perfect. Felt like I was gone forever though.

We are expecting more snow this evening, calling for 4-6 inches. WE NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL MONDAY!! Sorry for yelling, but holy cow, they need to be back in school. Audrey even asked me today when she could go to school again.

I have a few posts writing in my head. I also have been spending some time playing with some digital stuff. Never realized how much I loved it.

Not at all happy that I have not been able to get Twitter to load on my computer all evening. Yes, I have an addiction to twitter. But also I created a new twitter background for myself this evening and I want to see how it looks and can't. Boo!!

Back tomorrow with more.

Okay, I know it looks pixelated here but that's because I increased the size to make it easier to see. My new avatar for Etsy and facebook. I kind of like the new look. A little less "cutesy" than my old one.
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