Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A little this and a little that

I have been working on digital cards and after spending an hour today trying to find several things I downloaded over the weekend to use on them and having to go back and re-download them because I never found them I managed to get 3 done.

Great for open house announcements. 1 big picture goes in the big black spot. 
Cool way to thank those who sent gifts for graduation. 4 small pictures.
Another open house announcement. 3 pictures
I have graduation on the brain because 1. it will be here before we know it and 2. my brother graduates this year. I can't believe it. I need to find some pictures to put in the spots. I also want to get some made for baby announcements and Valentine's Day. I have a cute idea for Audrey's Valentine's doing this.

I'm really hoping to make an actual scrapbook page tonight. It's been so long since I've done one I'm not sure I even remember how.

I've decided not having heat on one side of my car is not fun anymore. For some odd reason the heat is out on just the drivers side of the car. Which means the defrost is slow to work as well. Of course! Oh Monday when I went to brush the snow off my windshield with the windshield wipers the one on the drivers side flew off. Thankfully I was still home and it snapped right back on, but it was pretty strange. Thank goodness for seat warmers though.

Looks like the kids will actually go to school all days they are scheduled to this week. THANK YOU!!! Friday they don't have school for a teacher work day.

I'd love to know how you read my blog. Do you use a reader such as google reader, do you actually come to the blog itself, do you get reminders in your email and then come to it or what? Just wondering. I'm a huge fan of google reader! All my 250 blogs in one spot and I can decide what I want to read or what I want to mark as read. And there is no way I could keep up with 250 blogs without it.
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