Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer 2011 Recap

So I sit here on Labor Day recapping our summer thinking of fall. The windows are open, I have on slippers and it is a perfect 73 degrees outside. Wonder when I left Missouri! I will take this weather any day though. I'm putting all my summer decorations away today and getting out my fall. Now chances are good we will still need the air at some point before winter comes, but for now I am in heaven!!

So here's a look at our summer. I will warn you there are lots of pictures!
Shortly after school was out Audrey went to spend a week with my mom so she could attend Tigerette Mini Clinic. It's held by the high school dance team as a fundraiser. This is her 3rd year doing dance camp and she loves it.

The middle of June brought us traveling to Kansas City for a tournament. They played 3 games and lost all 3, but it was a learning experience for them. Plans are to travel a couple of times next summer.

The end of June we celebrated Audrey's 6th birthday. Hard to believe my little girl is 6 already. 6 going on 16 most days.

We had a busy 4th of July weekend. We had my cousins baby shower, celebrated my cousins little boys 1st birthday, had my parents annual 4th of July party, and squeezed in Audrey's birthday party with my family.

The week after the 4th was spent melting at baseball camp. The Krusherz hosted their first camp. 29 boys showed up in the heat and learned a lot and had fun. We even had the pleasure of having a couple of Mizzou baseball players show up 1 day to help and sign autographs. On the last day there was a home run derby in which Dart hit a couple. He is not a power hitter so he was really excited to actually hit a couple.

After a week of camp we headed to Fayette, MO for the end of the year Krusherz party. Audrey not only overcame her fear of the water this summer, but she smashed it. I couldn't believe it when she said she was going off the diving board. She climbed up once and thought it looked too deep so she just jumped in from the side. After a few times of doing that she got brave enough to try the diving board "just one time". One time turned into 100 times. Crazy to think a month before this we were pushing her to jump in at my aunts and now she's going off the diving board. Oh and on our way to Fayette we were rear ended. Made for an interesting trip! Nothing serious, in fact we aren't even getting the damage fixed as it isn't worth it.

The end of July brought sweltering heat, just in time for the Show Me State Games. It was MISERABLE! It was over 105 every day for a week. I have never been so miserable before! I was honestly glad when we were done and didn't move on to the championship round! There was one good thing that came out of this weekend. My cousin Byron and his wife Kate welcomed their first child Nicholas Blair. Blair was my dad's name and Byron was supposed to be named Blair, but my dad passed away in April and he was born in June.

The weekend after Dart played in the Show Me State Games, my brother's friends came to play in them and Dart got to play bat boy. Most of these boys have known Dart since he was born and they loved having him in the dugout with them. He had a blast hanging out with the older boys. They had fun playing catch with him and he even had a few really great stops when they were warming up.

Not to be outdone by his sister accomplishing something big in the water, Dart decided he wanted to learn to dive. Thanks to my cousin for working with him while she was 8 months pregnant. He hasn't quite mastered the dive, but he is doing really good. Hopefully he'll remember what to do come next summer.

My brother bought a mo-ped to help him get around Columbia. Dart got to ride it several times while he spent a week with my parents, so Audrey was a bit upset that she hadn't got a ride yet.

The middle of August we helped my brother move into his dorm at Mizzou! He has adjusted to college life and life in Columbia with no problems. He LOVES it here, although he is not fond of the traffic. Coming from a small city with about 20 stoplights total he's not a fan of 20 stoplights on one street. He attended his first home game over the weekend and is already counting down the days to the next one.

The 18th was the first day of 4th grade and 1st grade for Dart and Audrey. Big difference in last year for Audrey. Only a small amount of nerves this year. After the first couple of days she no longer wanted or needed Dart to walk her to her class.

On the 20th after celebrating my sisters wedding shower, my mom, the kids and I headed to Kansas for the Legends game at the T-/Bones stadium. Dart was not upset to be there even though in the picture he looks mad. He was mad I made him get his picture taken. I loved seeing some of the guys I grew up watching play for the Royals play again. Dart had a blast and is ready to attend a real major league game. On the way to the game we passed the new Sporting KC Livestrong Park. That is an amazing field. Can't wait to attend a game there.

And here we are at the un-official end of summer. Fall ball has already started. With school back in swing and plans for our fall festival at school and my sisters wedding we are staying plenty busy still.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day!

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