Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mother's Day ideas

For most mom's a handmade card from her child(ren) would be the perfect gift, but we usually want to do more for them than that. There are the usual ideas of a massage, a mani/pedi, breakfast in bed, gift card to their favorite restaurant. If you are looking for something different and would love to as well help out a small handmade shop, Etsy is the best place to look in my opinion. I found a few things that I think most mom's out there would love.

This Chai Spice Kit would be awesome for the tea drinking momma!

For the wine lover in your life one of the simplest gifts could be wine charms from this shop, including custom made ones.

Jewelry is always a good option too, especially when it is a custom made item. Etsy has some very expensive items of course, but there are also lots of reasonably priced items that are amazing!

This charm that would work on a key fob, pendant or alone as a charm would be perfect for the new mom. It takes a copy of the child's foot or hand print and is made into the item.

These next 2 items can be customized with names and/or birthstone colors.

The first would be great for even the grandma's in your life. It is a washer stamped with mom, grandma, or whatever you choose. It includes up to 6 charms in birthstone colors.

The last is a great gift for a mom or grandma that has one 1 or 2 little ones. It is a gorgeous heart that is hand stamped with the name(s) of your choice.

There are so many other amazing items on Etsy. Everything from handmade card sets, to spices, to bath salts and scrubs, and so much more. There really is something for every mom, grandma, aunt, sister, etc in your life.

I would love to hear from you if you get something from your mom, grandma, etc from Etsy or any other handmade place for Mother's Day! I love finding new places to get handmade items!
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