Friday, March 30, 2012

March 12 on 12

It's not April and I have March 12 on 12 done. Of course it was almost April before I got February done, but that's okay!

Top Row: Waiting for Walking School Bus to start, University Hospital where I had an interview, the makings of a banner, my new water cup(LOVE it, keeps my water cold for hours and it doesn't sweat all over everything!)
Middle Row: trip to Michaels for some banner stuff, mailing a banner, gas prices $3.59(UGH!), temp(perfect temps).
Bottom Row: new stamps that came in the mail, Dart reading outside, Audrey after an impromptu photo shoot, Venus and Jupiter(had a hard time getting it without shaking since I didn't have my tripod, but was happy I had something from when they were so close and bright!)

Trying to decide what I want to do with these when the year is over. I'm thinking I may make a book on Blurb.  

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