Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Finally saw Bridesmaids today!!! LOVE that movie. So funny, so not kid appropriate, but so funny. Found myself laughing out loud several times.

2. Found out this afternoon our new principal has been hired. She is from in our district already so that is good! Still can't believe our principal is retiring.

3. I pretty much tore my NCAA bracket up after MU lost and then really gave up after Duke lost. Crazy how the games have gone this year. Cinderella is doing lots of dancing.

4. Made a new set of Easter cards today that I hope to share tomorrow. Also have a few new banners in the works on my table.

5. Dart has a "new" toy to play with:
He is so happy to finally have a goal. We don't really have a good spot with concrete to put it, but the ground on the side of the house is often as hard as concrete so it works good there.

6. Currently on my reading list:
Loving both of them. Can't wait to finish "The Help" so I can watch the movie.

7. Anyone joining me in the April Photo a Day challenge? Here's the list!
Stole it from another friend when she posted it!

8. On Thursday I get to go to the state capital with Dart and the rest of the 4th graders!! Can't wait. The kids always look forward to this Field Trip. We are lucky that the capital is only 30 minutes away!

9. A friend posted this on Facebook and it's too funny not to share: "Be thankful for Facebook. The way gas prices are going, this may be the only way we actually see each other." So what are gas prices where you are? Our "cheap" gas was $3.69 as of 4:00 today.

10. This girl will make bars out of anything that might resemble a bar:
This is an old porch swing that we have around our fire pit for extra room for people to sit. She is a monkey!!

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