Saturday, March 31, 2012


In March we:
started walking school bus again. Love the program and love all the kids that walk with us.

moved up a level in gymnastics. Well Audrey did, not the rest of us!

 enjoyed grandparents day at school.

celebrated when our Mizzou Tigers won the Big 12 Tournament.

mourned when our Mizzou Tigers lost to Norfolk State in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

learned to knit a scarf and loved every second of making one.

searched high and low for the yarn for the scarf mentioned above.

interviewed for a part time job at University Hospital.

toured the Capitol and Governors Mansion on a field trip.

learned all about plants at the 1st grade share fair.

celebrated a Mizzou Tigers baseball win!!

missed our Angel Dakota on her 8th birthday!

enjoyed Spring break!

enjoyed amazing weather most of the month.

planted some plants and veggies in a container garden.

watched classic shows like Saved by the Bell!!

started spring cleaning!

All in all I would say March was a good month!! 

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