Monday, May 31, 2010

7 Things....Summer

With today being Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer I thought I'd do a post of 7 things that make me think of summer.

1. Sunburns-which I am sporting at the moment. I helped out at Field Day at Dart's school on Friday and while I put sunscreen on my arms, I forgot my shoulders. In my defense, I had on a short sleeve shirt and while I was at field day, the sleeves made their way to being a tank top shirt. OUCH!!

2.Baseball-I love baseball. Little kids, college, major league and softball. It's all good to me if there is a ball, bases and leather gloves involved. Dart is having a blast with baseball this year and my heart just smiles every time we have a game. Even after his last game, which wasn't his best, he still came off the field smiling because despite striking out twice, he still had fun. His coach is the biggest reason for this. His coach is awesome this year.

3. Sun tea-I don't normally drink a lot of tea in the cooler months, but once it's warm enough for sun tea I am a tea drinking crazy fool. I love sun tea with a little bit of lemon squeezed in it. Sitting outside with my glass of sun tea sweating all over my hand....summer memories.

4. Clothes drying on the line-This summer I am determined to dry more of our clothes outside. Not only to save money, but there's something about clothes dried in the sun that makes me smile. I don't like the stiffness that comes with it so I do use softener. This is Audrey's shirt she made at school.

5. Grilling/fire pit-When we moved we ended up with a huge backyard and a fire pit built into the backyard. I love grilling in the summer and can seriously have dinner cooked on the grill every night. I love that we don't have to heat the house up by using the grill and food cooked on the grill seems to be healthier, even burgers.

6.Flip flops-Granted I start wearing mine before Memorial Day weekend, but rarely once Memorial Day comes do I have something on my feet other than flip flops. Audrey is quickly becoming a flip flop princess too. I love that they are cheap, come in a million colors or designs and so easy to slide on and kick off. I never wear shoes at home so flip flops make it so much easier.

7.The American Flag-Not only for Memorial Day, but the 4th of July as well. I love seeing the flag fly and just knowing what it represents. Especially this weekend, when we all need to remember why we have this 3 day weekend. Today in Columbia a soldier is being laid to rest and so this weekend seeing the flag fly has a little more meaning to me. I don't know the soldier, but just knowing someone from my town gave the ultimate sacrifice makes me feel a little more patriotic.
This flag belongs to my neighbor who at all times has 3 flying. He is a veteran and is very proud of his time serving his country.

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