Monday, July 23, 2012


watching...Big Bang Theory. Love DVR.

reading...U is for Undertow. Up next book 2 in the 50 Shades triology.

wishing for...rain and cooler temps. Seriously need both!!

wearing...Royals PJ pants and a t-shirt. Came home from work and got ready for bed.

thinking about...getting crafty again. After reading a friends blog and seeing her post her cross stitch projects, I'm itching to get back at crafting.

remembering...the weekend. Wedding, First Birthday party and good times with cousins. More on the wedding later.

enjoying...the quiet that is a house minus 2 kids, that I miss like crazy.

pinning...lots of holiday ideas and photo ideas.

looking forward to...August 4th when Dart and I go to the Royals/Rangers game. He is a HUGE Rangers fan and is beyond excited to see the Rangers in person. He's hoping for a few autographs.

dreaming about...sleep! The weekend did not bring much in the way of sleep and I didn't sleep good last night either so I'm hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.

Audrey had a blast dancing with her Charles at the wedding. Lots more pictures to share soon.

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