Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Challenge

 Close your eyes and imagine this for a minute: you came home after a long day, open the mailbox, dig through the pizza coupons, phone bill, car dealership giving away a car if you have the right key ad and at the bottom of the pile, there sat an envelope hand addressed from someone you may or may not have talked to in a while. Suddenly the stress from the crazy day at work is starting to get a bit better. You open the card and inside it simply says "Just thinking of you." Now you are feeling all warm and fuzzy. It makes your entire evening better. You are less cranky with your family. You might even start thinking of who you could send a card to, letting them know you care about them.

Who couldn't use a little something fun and happy mixed in with the bills and junk? I know I wouldn't mind something a little personal and fun in there. So my challenge to you is this: Send someone a card letting them know you are thinking of them. They don't have to be sick or going through anything major, just something that says, "Hey, Just thought I'd let you know I think of you." Doesn't have to be fancy, even better if it's handmade, but I won't hold that against you.

It won't take you but 10 minutes and cost you the price of a card(if you have some on hand, even better) and a stamp. Remember those things we used to need for everything, before the days of automatic bill pay and email. However, that 10 minutes and few dollars if that could really change someones day.

If you take on this challenge leave me a comment letting me know you are, there just might be something in it for one of you. "Wink Wink"!

An oldie, but still one of my favs.


  1. Totally doing this challenge! I'm even pretty sure who I'm going to send a card to. Maybe I'll send a few! Thanks!

  2. I do this regularly...I will do it again this week, I like making people smile :)


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