Friday, January 14, 2011

Follow Up Friday

  • Valentine's cards for etsy shop. I have some really simple and basic designs and some more detailed ideas as well   Got one set done. Want to make a couple more.
  • Valentine's banners. I really need to find a box of conversation hearts to get some other ideas for wording.  Made 3 this week.
  • Card for the secretary at the kids school who's father passed away over the weekend.
  • General greeting cards for a friend
  • Thank you cards for a friend
  • General greeting cards for my etsy shop. 
  • Finish Audrey's snowman dress. 
  • Make some doll clothes??? 
  • Embroidered bookmarks for etsy shop???
So my week got a little thrown off with the kids being released early Monday due to snow and then not being in school on Tuesday and Wednesday because of snow. I will get busy this weekend to finish some other things. I also have some ideas brewing in my head for some "UnValentine" Cards. I want them to be humorous and fun!

One of the 3 banners I made this week. Will post pics of the others later.

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